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SML (a leaf steklomagniyevy) an optima, a premium from 6-12 mm buy in Ekaterinburg
Buy SML (a leaf steklomagniyevy) an optima, a premium from 6-12 mm
SML (a leaf steklomagniyevy) an optima, a premium from 6-12 mm

SML (a leaf steklomagniyevy) an optima, a premium from 6-12 mm

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Technical characteristics
  • TypeFireproof

General characteristic on STEKLOMAGNIYEVY LISZT.

The Steklomagniyevy sheet "Premium" of a class (class A) is applied when higher durability of sheets, is necessary for the so-called loaded designs, for example for floors or a fixed timbering. Also steklomagniyevy leaf of the class "Premium" is recommended to be used for external finishing of facades since they more dense, strong and they have a low coefficient of moisture absorption. The Steklomagniyevy leaf of the class "Premium" can be applied to external works, on condition of processing of a leaf a primer and use of special front paints if finishing is planned by a siding, then no additional processing of SML is required.

The Steklomagniyevy sheet "Optima" of a class (class B) is applied only to internal works in the dry room and to not loaded designs –

alignment of walls (recommendation about thickness: 8 mm), a construction of partitions (8-10th), finishing of ceilings (6-8th), finishings of slopes at windows

(6 mm), it can be applied also to a floor, using thickness in the 10-12th (or the sheet 8 of mm in two layers).

SML physicomechanical properties

  • Structure: magnesite, bischofite, perlite, special filler...
    Thickness - the 3-12th.
    Leaf 8 mm thick weight. - 18-24kg. depending on a class.
    Resistance force on a bend in a damp state - 22 MPas.
    Strength at a bend - 28,4mpa.
    Hardness of a front surface - 52,7mpa.
    Frost resistance from 35 cycles.
    Heat conduction coefficient - 0,21vt/m.
    Sound insulation - 46 DB.
    Temperature coefficient of linear expansion - without change.
    Fire resistance at a thickness of sheet of 8 mm. it is capable to hold fire within two hours.
    Maintains heating to +1200 °C.
    Density - 1000kg/m3.
    Change of a form in a damp state - no more than 0.34%.
    At stay in water (100 days) does not inflate and does not lose the properties.
    Does not contain harmful substances, asbestos in the structure.
    Does not emit toxic, harmful substances even when heating.
    It can be applied when finishing public places.
    Has no smell.
    Has all necessary hygienic and fire certificates.

The surface of a magnesite leaf, is covered on both sides of the reinforcing fiber glass grid which gives to a leaf high strength characteristics.

The Steklomagniyevy leaf is made only in China today and long ago is successfully exported worldwide. And now wins more and stronger

positions at builders in Russia, forcing out thereby such material, habitual for us, as gypsum cardboard (HL), the gypsum-fiber sheet (GVL),

which will hand over the dominating positions in the market of construction and finishing materials in favor of a steklomagniyevy leaf over time.

The Steklomagnezitovy leaf (SML - a magnesite plate) is rather new sheet finishing material, in recent years surely

taking more and more leading positions in comparison with GVL (a gypsum-fiber leaf) and gypsum cardboard, including thanking

long-term activity and our Company. It can be known to you also under other names - a ksilolitovoloknisty leaf or KVL (some for some reason use the name - ksilitovoloknisty, but it is already "orbits without sugar" it turns out some), the dolomitovoloknisty sheet (DVL), the izvestkovoloknisty sheet (IVL). Some companies use the trade names (trade brands). However recently the name Steklomagnezitovy (or steklomagniyevy) a leaf almost everywhere is steadily applied.

SML is also called: the steklomagnezitovy leaf, KVL, SML, CML magnelit, magnelit, a magnesite leaf, a dolomito-fibrous leaf, DVL, xylitol -

the fibrous leaf, KVL, MTsL, magnezialno cement leaf, magnesite plate, magnesian leaf, steklomagnezit, glass magnesium board, the Premium and

Structure of a steklomagniyevy leaf:

- wood shaving of 15%
- MgO oxide of magnesium of 40%
- MgCl2 chloride of magnesium of 35%
- SiO2 perlite (volcanic glass) of 5%
- binding composite materials of 4%
- the reinforcing fiber glass grid of 1%

The SML main components - the mineral substances MgO (the calcinated dolomite), MgCO3 (natural magnesite), oxychloride

magnesium, and also volcanic glass (perlite). Steklomagnezitovy sheets, structure and properties. Appointment of dolomite as a magnesian component - to increase operational properties, including fire-resistant properties of material. Appointment as a calcic component of dolomite and magnesite - neutralization of the organic substances extracted from wood which are slowing down curing of magnesian cement, and giving of special durability to steklomagnezitovy sheets (to SML - a steklomagniyevy leaf) with rather small mass of a leaf. Oxychloride of magnesium forms

spatial structure of a stone, perlite improves sound-proof qualities of material, wood fibers act as a filler

Steklomagnezitovy sheets (SML - a steklomagniyevy leaf or a magnesite plate) due to application of the reinforcing layers of fiber glass fabric have special

mechanical properties - durability, flexibility (curvature radius to 3 m) - which are not peculiar to any other sheet finishing

to material.

Main characteristics:

  • Strong (possesses shock-proof properties)
    Moisture resistant (it is not deformed and it is not softened under the influence of moisture)
    Possesses low coefficient of heat conductivity
    Well absorbs a sound
    Environmentally friendly

The Steklomagniyevy leaf is convenient and simple in processing, does not demand special tools and devices. Cutting of steklomagniyevy plates is similar

to cutting of gypsum plasterboards.

Fastening of steklomagnizitovy sheets does not require preliminary drilling of openings. The self-tapping screws intended for are used

plasterboard plates. After priming of steklomagniyevy sheets and filling of the formed seams direct pasting of a working surface is made by wall-paper, applying glue and technology of producers of wall-paper. SML a steklomagniyevy leaf thanks to the qualities and a kind of application is good alternative to plasterboard plates, RSD, a chipboard, DVP, and even surpasses them in a number of indicators.

Properties and characteristics of SML SML inherent high durability, hardness, ease of installation. What on such properties as water tightness, incombustibility, resistance to corrosion and plasticity, a steklomagniyevy leaf considerably surpasses by everything the known chipboards, gypsum cardboard and other is especially unique. Only one controlled indicator is noted — at norm of 370 Bq/kg specific activity of natural radionukleid in SML (a steklomagniyevy leaf) makes only 1/10 part from admissible norm — 37 Bq/kg — an excellent assessment.

The Steklomagniyevy sheet (SML) possesses antibacterial properties, is not subject to influence of mold fungi.

Before emergence of SML there was no similar material, with the confirmed NG fire technical characteristics (nonflammable GOST 30244-94; Construction Norms and Regulations 21-01-97). Gypsum cardboard and materials similar to it when passing similar tests could confirm the properties, only as slabogoryuchy, combustible, smoke-generating and toxic.

SML scopes Steklomagniyevy sheets are used for the following types of works:

  • Exterior finish of walls
    • Internal finishing of walls
    • Installation of interroom partitions under fair finishing painting, pasting by wall-paper, facing by a tile, etc.
    • Device of floors and ceilings
    • Creation of ventilating boxes, mines of the hidden conducting of cables, pipes, etc.
    • Production of details of furniture finishing of baths, saunas, pools and bathrooms
    • Billboards and banners

SML thickness Application of a steklomagniyevy leaf
3 mm - 4 mm the Ceiling
5 mm - 8 mm the Ceiling and walls
6 mm - 10 mm of the Partition
10 mm - 12 mm of Paule.

SML - a steklomagniyevy leaf has the certificate of fire safety
(NG group) it is also recommended for application in the following cases:

1. special finishing of fire escapes and ways of evacuation in hotels;
2. for finishing of numbers;
3. for accommodation;
4. kitchens, restaurants;
5. finishing in medical institutions, kindergartens, schools and other educational institutions.

SML a steklomagniyevy leaf is suitable for sound insulation of walls, ceilings. It can be used for finishing of walls in engine rooms, the subway,

movie theaters, studios. sound recordings. SML a steklomagniyevy leaf is widely used in Japan, the USA, Taiwan, China, Korea, England, etc. the countries.

Ways of processing of SML It is recommended to store steklomagniyevy sheets in horizontal position.

SML is convenient at installation as its cutting is made by incision of fiber glass and an otlom in the place of a cut. Fastening

steklomagniyevy leaf it is carried out by screws to a metal or wooden framework by analogy with the principle of fastening of GVL

(gypsum-fiber leaf).

The Steklomagniyevy leaf is suitable for drilling, driving in of nails, and also processing by a saw. It is possible to apply on SML as oil paints, and

enamels and also to paste a tile, a ceramic tile, wall-paper paper, wall-paper gobelin, jewelry from a tree, aluminum, steel,

plastic. The Steklomagniyevy sheet (SML) is ideally suited for finishing shower, saunas, pools, furniture, any packing, etc. as

the steklomagniyevy leaf is capable to maintain high humidity, temperature drops and naked flame.

SML 6 mm thick is recommended for production of partitions. Partitions of SML are executed both on wooden, and on metal

frameworks. Considering durability of the steklomagniyevy sheet SML, self-tapping screws fix at distance of 10 mm from the sheet edge with a step of 250 mm.

More durable, strong, safe, convenient and economic material, than the steklomagniyevy sheet (SML) does not exist for today yet.

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SML (a leaf steklomagniyevy) an optima, a premium from 6-12 mm
SML (a leaf steklomagniyevy) an optima, a premium from 6-12 mm
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