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SNeppi elite bio 350/48/220/A30 phytolamp buy in Moscow
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SNeppi elite bio 350/48/220/A30 phytolamp

SNeppi elite bio 350/48/220/A30 phytolamp

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SNeppi elite bio 350/48/220/A30 phytolamp
  • Quantity fitosveta:864
  • -:24
  • Service life, hours:: 100000
Prices 2 pieces - 3 pieces of 7965.00 rub/piece. 4 pieces - 6 pieces of 7080.00 rub/piece. 7 pieces - 10 pieces of 6195.00 rub/piece. 11 pieces - 10000 pieces of 5310.00 rub/piece. plus delivery Weight: 2.5 kg

  • SNeppi elite bio 350/48/220/A30 - the most effective phytolamp intended for a dosvetka of a plant in conditions of a lack of a daylight. This lamp possesses unsurpassed technical and economic indicators, possesses the highest light return in comparison with all existing light sources, even in comparison with light-emitting diode other producers. Radiation occurs strictly only on those lengths of waves of light which influence a plant therefore all consumed energy goes for transformation of phytolight, has the highest density of a photosynthetic photon stream that immediately reduces expenses and increases effect.

The product presented here is a result of advanced technologies and researches in the field of generation of light, its influence on environment and are at the advanced boundary of world researches.

  • The phytolamp stimulates formation of biomass of plants, essentially accelerates its growth, develops root system, promotes synthesis of vitamins and enzymes, as a result - growth, blossoming and fructification.

• Sizes: width is 300 mm, length is 595 mm, height is 50 mm, S lighting = 0,2-3,2 sq.m.

• One SNeppiLed "SNeppi elite bio 350/48/220/A30" lamp on force of impact on a plant is equal: • DNAT-350 • DNAZ-250 • DRL-1000 • Osram FLUORA 18W (18 W) - 12 pieces • LB-40 (40 W) - 26 pieces • Chinese LED phytolamp (Led) of 480 W (on average) • A lamp light-emitting diode Diamond-12 (12 W) - 4 pieces

Tables for the choice of number of phytolamps, proceeding from the necessary area and species of plants are given below. We pay your attention, tables are applicable only for our lamps! Recalculation of values for other types of lamps will give obviously unreliable information.

Also in speed information on use of our lamps for underwater plants will appear (aquarian).

In the table the maximum area for the period of vegetative growth, i.e. value of the maximum area when the plant begins to grow intensively is specified.

. For a rest stage the area makes 3,2 sq.m


Effektivnaya Square for vegetables, sq.m

Tomatoes 0,24-0,28

Pepper 0,36-0,68

Cucumbers 0,24-0,48

Citrus 0,22-0,32

Effektivnaya Square for flowers at cut, sq.m

Chrysanthemum 0,46-0,68

Rose 0,24-0,28

Lily 0,48-0,6

Liziantus 0,24-0,28

Alstromeriya 0,46-0,8

Anturium/orchid 0,46-0,6

Freesia 0,46-0,68

Gerbera 0,46-0,6

Tulip 1,2

Effektivnaya Square for pottery cultures, sq.m

Orchid / falenopsis 0,36-0,6

Dendrobium 0,18-0,36

Bromeliya 0,8-1,2

Anturium 0,6-0,8

Kalanchoe 0,46-0,8

Pottery chrysanthemum 0,8-1,2

Pottery rose 0,8-1,2

Geranium 0,8-1,2

Attention!!! We are authors of all materials based on our scientific works. Copying of any materials or their parts from our website is allowed only with reference to the author, i.e. on our website.

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SNeppi elite bio 350/48/220/A30 phytolamp
SNeppi elite bio 350/48/220/A30 phytolamp
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