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Technical characteristics
  • BrandВМП

solvents solvents are designed to dilute paintwork materials manufactured by NPH VMM, for flushing equipment, as well as for degreasing metal surfaces in preparing for staining according to GOST 9.402: </ P >

Solvin-10-brewing Viknikor-061, Enamel Viknikor-62, Viknikor-63 lacquer, soil-enamel Vinikor and for other material on vinyl epoxy and epoxy bases, degreasing metal surfaces; Solvin -11 - Soil enamel Vikinor-Nord and other materials on polyester-vinyl bases, degreasing metal surfaces;
</ span> Solvin-12 - Viknikor Marin series, Vikikor-Ecopreight series, Oil Emali series, Enamel Vikikor-1155 D and other materials on epoxy bases, degreasing metal surfaces;
</ span> Solvin-13 - Enamel Viknikor BEP-5297;
</ span> Solvin-14 - Enamel Vikikor-1155 D and other materials on epoxy bases;
</ SPAN> Solvin-15 - Enamel Viknikor-1155 d, Soil-Enamel Viknikor-acryl, Vikinor-74 varnish, Viknikor-85 lacquer and other materials on epoxy and acrylic bases. </ span> < / P> </ h3>

certification </ h3>

certificate of state registration № </ p> </ h3>

Solvent Description Solvan </ H3>

A mixture of solvents and acetates of esters. </ P> </ h3>

Specifications </ h4>

Solvent </ TD> < TD COLSPAN = "1"> Density, g / cm3
</ td> </ tr>
solvin-10 </ td> 0,845 -0,850
</ td> </ tr>
solvin-11 </ td> 0,840-0,860 </ td> </ tr>
solvin-12 </ td> 0,830-0,850 </ td> </ tr>
solvent 13 </ TD> 0,800-0,816 </ td> </ tr>
solvin-14 </ td> 0,864-0,867 </ td> </ tr>
solvin-15 </ td> 0,878-0,880 </ td> </ tr> </ TBODY> </ table> </ h3>

Solvent storage </ h4>

p> The solvent is packed in metal barrels, tin buckets, polyethylene and tin cans. </ p>

Solvent storage conditions - in accordance with GOST 9980.5-2009 (at ambient temperature from minus 40 ° C to plus 40 ° C). Solvent packaging should not be exposed to atmospheric precipitation and direct sunlight. </ p>

Warranty period of storage of the solvent in a hermetically closed manufacturer's container - 24 months from the date of manufacture. </ p> </ h3>

Safety measures </ h4>

when working with solvent Appropriate sectoral norms and requirements, as well as precautions specified on the container label. </ p>

It is necessary to use personal protective equipment (glasses, masks, respirators) and avoid inhalation when evaporation and solvent entering the skin, mucous membranes Eye and respiratory tract, indoors are used only with sufficient ventilation. </ p>

Solvent belongs to fire hazardous materials. </ p> </ h3>

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Solvent Solvan
Solvent Solvan
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