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Advantages of Sous-Vide:

- natural taste remains;

- the freshness, color and appearance up to giving on table remains;

- concentration of natural aromas;

- the guaranteed high content of nutritive matters;

- lack of drying and respectively the minimum weight losses of product at preparation;

- lack of oxidation of products;

- more long period of storage;

- cut in expenditure, thanks to the minimum losses during the cooking and storage of products;

- more pithy menu for satisfaction of individual needs of clients

- completion of idle time in working process.

- displacement is up to 58 liters

Technology of cooking in vacuum

It is known that pumping out and cooking, for example in parokonvektomata, allows to reduce losses on the mass of product (for example, meat) from 20-35% to 5-7%. Such technology is applied in the course of cooking at restaurants for a long time.

This technology has received continuation in the CapKold technology, but already in more industrial volumes.

At reduction of pressure, water boils (forming steam) at temperature slightly less than 100 °C. At food there are some useful but warm destructive components (i.e. sensitive to heat) as, for example, vitamins and some proteins. Pumping out of products in polymeric packages considerably promotes preservation of all useful properties of product. At pumping out from packaging the inseminated oxygen which can entail oxidation reactions (change in structure of molecules) or denaturation (loss of biological value of proteins) of many food ingredients is removed.

Therefore, preparation in vacuum, allows to support many minerals of product in steady-state condition as in nutritive sense (vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and fats), and in organoleptic (taste and aroma). The vacuum method protects food from organoleptic changes which can happen at traditional thermal treatment, and at influence of high temperatures which influence, first of all, color, smell, taste, weight and digestibility of foodstuff.

Besides, this practice, assumes bigger uniformity of cooking and big hygienic safety during process of storage of product.

Preparation in vacuum is applicable to fresh products and to the semi-finished products placed in packaging which, in the course of preparation of dish prevents loss of moisture and juice of product and also volatiles.

Any foodstuff, depending on the ingredients and features of the molecular structure, passes stages of morphological changes, depending on temperature of processing and duration of cooking.

What method of thermal treatment would not be used, temperatures of preparation vary from 65 °C to 95 °C (on extreme in geographic latitudes above sea level). The exception is made only by cooking methods in vacuum and autoclaving in retorts – packaging.

Important parameter which needs whenever possible to be kept under control – the delta of temperature, that is the accuracy and addressing of transfer of heat. During cooking 2 °C should not exceed fluctuation of temperature.

Control and accuracy of the temperature kinetic condition of preparation become major factors in the choice of the equipment which is basis of success of any catering establishment.

The minimum temperature when cooking is equal in vacuum package to +70 °C while the maximum temperature + 93/95 °C.

Special attention should be paid on texture and thickness of the preparing product. Increase in thickness of product results in need to prepare at lower temperatures therefore the product thickness exceeding cut in 5 cm will demand increase in duration of preparation. Thickness limit in 5 cm admits classical technology literature the maximum recommended cut thickness limit for instant.

Advantages of preparation in vacuum package:

- preservation of aromas and juice of product;

- reduction of loss on weight for 15-35%;

- economy of the electric power for 20-28%;

- preventing to shrinkage and dehydration of product;

- preventing to oxidation of lipins in product and as a result – preventing to rancidification;

- more long-term storage of product after preparation in vacuum;

- economy of volume of laying of spices for 3-40% as concentration of spicery and fats remain because of presence of cover;

- increase in speed of cooking at preservation of heatexpenses;

Advantages of products of JULABO (depending on model)

- versatile use of thermostats with e.g. kitchen tanks;

- light transportation (e.g. when using on offside events);

- reliability of receiving the end results owing to high stability of temperatures;

- continuous circulation thanking high-performance pumps;

- the easily readable indicator of temperatures (also from long distance);

- optimum possibility of control, thanks to display to 3 values of temperature (set, valid and temperature in the prepared product);

- simple management;

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Sous vide JULABO PERL thermosta
Sous vide JULABO PERL thermosta
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