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Technical characteristics
  • BrandАгромастер
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • Principle operationPneumatic
  • Working width9,8 m
  • System control seedingThere is
  • ConditionNew

The pneumatic sowing AGROMASTER complexes of cultivator type are intended for resource - saving technology of cultivation of grain crops. Application of the sowing AGROMASTER complexes allows to reduce cost of production of grain to 1200 rub/t. Each sowing complex pays off in a year three times.

When developing the sowing AGROMASTER complexes the following object was set: having studied the most modern foreign cars to make is better, more convenient, stronger, simpler and cheaper. So, there was a new generation of sowing complexes which incorporated in themselves the best international experience, adapted to the Russian service conditions and capable to work with domestic tractors and tractor operators.

For one pass sowing complexes carry out full cutting of the soil or an eddish, the main and preseeding processing, prepare an ideal seed bed, make crops by a strip of 12 - 15 cm, close up a crops strip the mulched layer, make a boronovaniye of crops, combs out weeds, and arrive a crops strip.

The main difference of the sowing AGROMASTER complexes is that they provide excellent quality of crops during the work on an eddish and on fields with a large number of the vegetable remains.

One of advantages of the sowing AGROMASTER complexes are crops by a wide strip in 12 - 15 cm and only prikatyvany strips of crops. Crops by a strip – by 4 times increase the area of food and reduce harmful effects of fertilizers in an initial stage of development of plants. At only prikatyvany strips of crops, a row - spacing remain neprikatanny that improves air exchange, reduces moisture evaporation, interferes with development of weeds and formation of a soil crust.

Due to the agrotechnical advantages the sowing AGROMASTER complexes are provided by increase of productivity for 20 - 25% .

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Sowing Agrator-9800 complex
Sowing Agrator-9800 complex
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