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  • BrandООО НПФ Ньютон
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • Wattage18 kW

Scientific and Production Company "Newton" is a manufacturer of equipment for the production of soy milk with a production technology that allows to provide soy milk with aroma, taste and consistency close to the traditional whole cow milk. The proposed technological process is an advanced development of the enterprise. The equipment in which our technology is implemented allows us to produce high - quality base for drinks from soy milk, tofu, yogurt and other soy products, similar to those produced in more than 40 countries around the world. We also provide know - how for soy milk products, including low calorie soy milk drinks.

Biochemistry of soybeans.


Protein is the main biochemical component of soy. The protein content in soybean seeds (depending on the variety) ranges from 29 to 50% . It is thanks to this high protein content that soybeans are a valuable agricultural crop.


The presence of certain substances of a protein nature in soybean seeds excludes the consumption of soybeans in food in an unprocessed (raw) form and requires the use of various technological methods.


In addition to the proteins contained in raw soybean seeds (beans), there are a number of substances that cause an unpleasant soy taste and odor - saponins (natural glycosides), polyphenols, aromatic amines, as well as anti - nutritional substances: trypsin and chymotrypsin inhibitors, phytic acid, phytohemagglutinins (lectin - complexes of proteins and carbohydrates), active urease, lipoxygenase, pesticides, as well as unwanted oligosaccharides - raffinose and stachyose.


The task of obtaining soy milk with no soy (bean) taste and smell in the presence of a low level of anti - nutritional substances is implemented in the proposed set of equipment for the production of soy milk.


The complex of equipment is manufactured for a capacity of 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, 10000 and 20,000 l / h of soy milk with a solids content of 10% . It is the most advanced continuous production system including a continuous soybean steeping system. The complex is equipped with an automated control system that continuously monitors soy milk production to maximize it by optimizing operating parameters. The equipment is compatible for integration with high - performance aseptic and pasteurization lines for packaging products and for the production of spray - dried soy milk powder.


Equipment systems are delivered in one or more modules, depending on performance.


An equipment system for any conceivable performance can be designed and manufactured to order.

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Soy Milk Processing Line
Soy Milk Processing Line
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