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Spare parts for the Gaspardo equipmen

Spare parts for the Gaspardo equipmen

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Russia, Volzhskiy
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandMaschio Gaspardo
  • Country of manufactureItaly

Hitch R17818491 adapter left Gaspardo

Hitch R17818511 adapter right Gaspardo

The device G16620101 sowing assembled seeders of Gaspardo SP 540

G19004470 tank under MT Gaspardo seeder fertilizers

G15472790 tank plastic right assembled Gaspardo seeders

G15472800 tank plastic left assembled Gaspardo seeders

Bandage of F06120165 (56345067) of the arriving wheel of the 405/408th of a seeder of Gaspardo

Bandage of F06120188 of a wheel of control of depth of MT L115 Gaspardo

Bandage of F06120190 of a basic wheel 4х10х5

F05010051 block control "tank" of a seeder of Gaspardo

F05010453 Gaspardo block (Display)

G22270152 block of asterisks 16/23 seeders of Gaspardo

G22270163R block of gear wheels of a seeder Gaspardo

G23440193 block adjusting Gaspardo

Sidewall 17812220 plows right

Sidewall 17812230 plows left

Bolt of GA5220170 M16x2x80 5737 8,8 with the left carving of Gaspardo

Bolt of GA5220780 M16x2x70 5737 8,8 with the left carving of Gaspardo

The G15422241 bunker for Gaspardo seeder seeds

F03151288 vacuum gage (deputy of F03151257)

G22270093 vacuum gage assembled

F08011711R shaft cardan seeders of Gaspardo (z6-z6)

G20870028R Gaspardo shaft

Shaft of G22220250 driving L=3500, Gaspardo seeders

Gaspardo seeder G22270452 shaft

Shaft of G22270049 of a driving seeder of Gaspardo square of 16mm 50 cm

G99567107 shaft cardan (metrovsky hitch, Z=6/8/21 fork L=1381, Z20-Z6 3) Gaspardo

Gaspardo seeder fan Fork of F08011744R Z8 Gaspardo

F08011766 Gaspardo fork

Fork of F08011773 1 3/8 Z21 R4

Gaspardo adjustment G13643750 fork

F04150034 plug polyamide arm of a soshnik of a seeder of Gaspardo

The G13643230 plug of the arriving Gaspardo wheel

Gaspardo seeder G18801270 plug

Nut of F01230085 M16x2 Gaspardo

Nut of F01230143 M24x2 982 Gaspardo

Nut of F01240024 of a cover of the sowing device (barashk.) Gaspardo seeders

Nut of F01260047 of a bolt srezny racks of Artiglio Gaspardo (first)

Nut of F02010034 of the bearing of the 468th (samokontryashch.) M40x1,5

Nut of G15220540 M16x1,5 Gaspardo

Gaspardo seeding F03151314 hydraulic motor

F03151378 Gaspardo hydraulic motor

Hydraulic cylinder of G15211050R of a marker of a seeder of Gaspardo (50х25х135)

Hydraulic cylinder of G15911240 20х45-310 Gaspardo

The disk G10124220 of the sowing device (82х4,0) seeders of Gaspardo (Soy)

The disk G10124220 of the sowing device (82х4,25) seeders of Gaspardo (Soy)

Disk G15225500 of a soshnik assembled seeders of Gaspardo of MT 

Monitor F05011304 cable

F05011306 cable power BRAVO 180S monitor

Anti-vibration pro-rate of F05150010

Fixing collar 3,6X140 F05150057

F05150058 collar plastic 7.8X550 31921

Cap of F 1/2 RED F05150325

F05150360 reducer

F05150361 adapter

LT.2 AR.122 F05150389 vacuum container

Cap 22X1 F05150392

Cable diam.12 F05150399 mm

Damper of F05150459 of a hinge plate 75X25 M12 781103

Marker course F05150460 limiter

Platform 250 X1430 G07002518

G07002547 gear wheel with the obgonny Z-20 coupling right

Telescopic semyaprovod short G07002741

Telescopic semyaprovod long G07002742

Zagortach right G10120611

Zagortach left G10120621

Protective lattice of the turbine G10150291

Hydraulic hose 1/4R2 F1/4-F1/4 3600 G10411711

G10525830 equalizer

Lock plate of G10525840

Plate of G10525870 of a natyazhitel of a chain of V20

Natyazhitel of G10525880 chain

The G10528540 case of the sowing device SV290

and many other things


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Spare parts for the Gaspardo equipmen
Spare parts for the Gaspardo equipmen
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