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Spare parts on RDK 250 (RDK-25) buy in Chelyabinsk
Buy Spare parts on RDK 250 (RDK-25)
Spare parts on RDK 250 (RDK-25)

Spare parts on RDK 250 (RDK-25)

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Russia, Chelyabinsk
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Available the second-hand, new and restored spare parts on the RDK 250 caterpillar crane (RDK-250): Portal, Counterbalance (counterfreight), Polyspast, Blok of a polyspast, Skating rink basic, the Skating rink supporting the Star (a driving wheel), a course Reducer, a turn Reducer, a turn reducer gear wheel, resistance Blocks, a portal axis with blocks, Komandokontrolera, electric cases, Gidrotolkatel ELHY EB 125/60 C80, Elhy eb50/50 C50, Brakes (the brake mechanism), the Brake shoe, the Electric motor of the cargo KMR 112MX8 winch, the Rotary engine (the turn engine) of KMR 160M15, the Boom engine, Miftah of the boom winch, the Cable, the Coil of a brake (electromagnet) D1 of the engine of the cargo winch, the Reducer of the auxiliary winch, Cardan on a course reducer (a course reducer), a track Finger, the Finger boom, the Spring on a boom finger, Koush, the Device of safety boom, the arrow departure Limiter, Snap of a cable, the Step-ladder of a basic skating rink, the Adjusting bracket, the coil of a brake (elektormagnit) D4 arrows, Safety a damper from an arrow zaprokidyvaniye, Arrow root, Track, the Basic and rotary device (circle), Bolte of the basic and rotary device, the E63 Switch, the Switch roller E25, the tower and boom equipment, the electrician, the contactor (actuator) of id01, idx-23, id-31, id33, id41, id43, ID5, ID6, the bearing of a root (heel) of an arrow, the transformer lowering 380/220B (V) and 380/20 B (V), the ampermeter, the voltmeter, kardana, crosspieces, an idler (a tension wheel), caterpillar tape, the vypryamitelny block on the generator 3sbe 255-4, the coupling manual rezino-metalichesky on A-01 and D-108, the coil of a brake of the landing engine and other on rdk 250 (rdk 25).
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Spare parts on RDK 250 (RDK-25)
Spare parts on RDK 250 (RDK-25)
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