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All details are carried out according to individual drawings of the customer
LLC LLC Corporation Uraltekhosnastka offers services in design and production (including according to design documentation of the Customer) the following types of works:

- Design and production of industrial equipment of any complexity, using modern technologies (design and development of the operating programs with use of the software of Solid Works and Master Cam). By production of industrial equipment it is used the unified design elements (the DME standard is generally used).

- Production of industrial equipment and non-standard equipment on the DNC system (work of all park of machines with ChPU in a unified information system)

- "Turnkey" installation; Repair and service of all nomenclature by the delivered company of equipment and equipment.

Main types of production are:

- Stamps are cutting, exhaust, bending, precision for cutting down of sheets of stators and rotors, with application of firm alloys.

- Compression molds: for receiving rubber products, molding from polymers, direct pressing, a casting mold under pressure of metals, molding on the melted models, forms of a vakuumformovka of sheet polystyrene, blocks for production of asbestine products, etc.

- Production of the worn-out knots and details of the import and domestic equipment.

- Details and knots of the non-standard equipment and devices.

The main activities are production of various non-standard equipment and details of industrial function, design and production of equipment.

The main list of products for the mining, concentrating, metallurgical enterprises:

- shaft and a shaft - gear wheels, gear laths;

- gear wheels, cogwheels (with tooth circular, direct, slanting, shevronny, worm


- drums, covers, pins, branch pipes, rolikoopor, driving chains, springs, couplings;

- bandages;

- molding of plastic, weight is up to 12 kg;

- rubber products: cuffs, rings, plates etc.

- molding of non-ferrous metals: under pressure, to the earth, in the chill mold, on the carried-out models;

- knives;

- disks, inserts, nuts, crosspieces, spindles, screws, plates, cases;

- rollers, rolls, pulleys, hooks;

- center, molds, grid-irons;

- drafts, arms, rams, wedges, cases, pushers, wheels;

- non-standard equipment: zaostrilny devices, shiberny locks, stands for

tests for twisting, devices for assembly, protection of a surface

shaft of a turbogenerator, pressure testing, etc.

- armor, lattice, partitions, crackers, crowns;

- details for repair of the import equipment: guides, levels, columns,


Additional list of products:

- the capacitor equipment assembled to 100 cbm. horizontal and vertical execution, with various designs of bottoms for storage of oil products, chemical and hostile environment from st3, 09g2s, 12kh18nyut, alloys on an iron-nickel basis, the titan of VT1-0, an alloy like AMG.

- devices capacitor with the mechanical mixing devices, tubular heaters, with an external shirt, working under pressure and in various temperature conditions, the equipment and knots to them.

- a technological metalwork, bunker designs, support, filters, cyclones, the service equipment including manufactured in a single order by single orders.

- knots of pipelines - a collector, welded segment withdrawal of various diameters, welded tees, transitions from various brands staly, including heat resisting and acidproof staly and alloys.

- systems of industrial pneumotransport from pipes with a diameter of 70-120 mm.

- heatexchange equipment:

- devices heatexchange kozhukhotrubny with motionless pipe lattices, a floating head, with U-figurative pipes;

- pipe bunches of various executions.

Production material - st3, 09g2s, st20, 15kh5m, 12kh18n10t, 10kh17n13m2t, alloys and the titan.

- various equipment for the brewing and food industry:

- fermentative, camp, forfasny capacities to 50 cbm. with conic otbortovanny bottoms;

- knots of pipelines with a field assembly with application of argonno-arc welding;

- service equipment including sinks, tables, carts and other.

- various chemical equipment:

- reactors of contact type:

- adsorbers, recuperators;

- mixers of different types;

- dryer drums and stuffings to them.

Production material corrosion-proof, corrosion-resistant and heat resisting there were also alloys.

- heatpower equipment:

- tanks - accumulators of hot water;

- tanks accumulative to 75 cbm.;

- filters are hose, SDZhF of Du of 50-1200 mm;

- installations are vent, ejector type from the Art. 12kh18n10t.

- petrochemical equipment:

- NGS V gas separators = 6,3 - 25 cbm. É = - - - - 4,0 MPas.;

- gas separators are mesh;

- reactors from various staly and alloys;

- plates of various types from Art. 08х13, 12kh18n10t for repair of columns of cracking.

- press forms, including goryachekanalny for molding of buckets, a cache-pot, boxes, fans,

cases of jugs, irons, arms etc.;

- stamps: cutting, bending, forming for reflectors, levels, loops, arms, etc.;

- molding forms for non-ferrous metals;

- branches in accordance with GOST 30753 - 01, GOST 17375 - 01;

- forms of vacuum formation for details from sheet plastic;

- blown forms for bottles, bottles;

- sale of electroerosive and other equipment of the Japanese firm Sodick;

- sale of tool equipment of the Japanese firm Nikken.

Technical capabilities of the equipment allow to make products weight

to 30 tn.

Today the company actively introduces the "economical production" technology at the Russian enterprise.

As initial information for design and production we use:

- technical documentation on a product or equipment;

- three-dimensional mathematical models of details;

- samples of details.

LLC LLC Corporation Uraltekhosnastka possesses the park of the equipment providing a full production cycle of production of equipment namely:

- procuring site,

- site of hydroabrasive cutting,

- mechanical site,

- thermal site,

- a site of machines from ChPU and the erosive equipment *,

- metalwork site,

- site of exact measurements.

* the Site of machines with ChPU is equipped with the import equipment: two " machines the Processing Center", milling, turning, tool-grinding for production of the trailer tool, three electroerosive wire and two proshivny machines.

In the closest plans of the enterprise acquisition of several more units of equipment.

Electroerosive machines: Sodick AQ325L, Sodick AM3L;

Milling and boring with ChPU: Sodick 450 MC, Mori Seiki, HERMLE with program processing in 3 and 5 planes. Difficult geometrical configurations on mathematical models allow to receive the specified and other equipment. A thermal site with electric furnaces, gas furnaces, baric bathtubs, installations for nitriding.

Galvanic site with processes of chromium plating and oxygenating of details. LLC LLC Corporation Uraltekhosnastka invites to cooperation and guarantees to the partners high quality of production and services in terms, convenient for you.

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