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Teplur of 4 M

Teplura 4 m operate the highly effective energy saving equipment (termomayzer of R-2. T, R-7. T, R-8. R), which are applied in systems of heating and hot water supply of residential, public and production buildings and constructions and is intended for automatic control of temperature for economy of thermal energy. The above-stated equipment is available at the price and is optimum to introduction by all consumers. At the same time the extent of economy of thermal energy makes to 40%vsemi consumers. At the same time the extent of economy of thermal energy makes up to 40%.

Appointment and principle of action

The control unit of "Teplur-4 of m" is intended:

· For pogodozavisimy regulation of heating.

· For automatic maintenance of the set heat carrier temperature.

· For automatic maintenance of a microclimate of inhabited and production rooms.

Teplur of 4 m works on 1 (heating or the hot water supply (HWS)) or 2 contours:

- GVS + heating

- Heating + heating


4 m (in comparison with teplura of 1 m and 3 m) are processed into Teplurakh circuitry and the software. The made changes entailed the following improvements of its characteristics:

- Reliability of the device is increased, additional protection of the device against failures and hindrances is established. - Energy consumption of the device in the static mode with 7,5vt is reduced to 2 W because of use of the pulse power supply unit, instead of transformer. - Range of tension of a power line from 85B to 264 of W is expanded. - Accuracy of measurements due to additional procedures of check is increased. - The device contains two data archives: one for storage of operating modes, another for storage of data on possible mistakes and failures in work. - There is a protocol of data exchange that gives now the chance to integrate m TEPLUR-4 into other systems of automation. - There is a possibility of installation of the password for a ban of unauthorized reprogramming of the device. - Simplicity of updating of the software. - A possibility of a complete set of TEPLURA-4 of m the modem for implementation of remote control of the device by means of the mobile GSM networks.

Service conditions

· The device is executed in a heat - the moisture-proof case of a class of protection: IP 65 (State standard specification P 50827-95, EN 60529)

· Connection to the controller is made via bezvintovy plugs by a single-core or multicore wire section

- 0.2-0,5 mm2 for the socket of RS-232 port

- 1.5 mm2 for other sockets

Application of a multicore wire, is admissible after tinning of the smoothed-out ends, or with use of tips for pressure testing with a length of sleeve from 10 mm (for example, NShVI 1.0-12)

· The configuration of the controller is carried out by means of input of settings through the menu of the device or by means of the connected computer by the special software on the RS-232 or USB interface.

· Operation of the controller is allowed after check of connection, control and carrying out commissioning.

Principle of operation of the device:

The device is intended for use together with sensors of temperature of TMP03/TMP04 (Analog Devices®). Use of sensors with a digital form of an output signal allows to install them at a great distance from the device (to several hundred meters) without application of special measures and means. Other advantage of these sensors is the wide range of the taken temperatures-40 … 150 °C, providing an error no more than ±1.5 °C in the range of temperatures of -25 °C … +100 °C. On the basis of indications of sensors of temperature, the device changes the number of the given direct heat carrier or a ratio of the direct and return heat carrier, operating the drive of pipeline fittings (for example, termomayzery R-2. Т). The device can have two independent contours of regulation, with a possibility of installation for each contour of the operating mode:

· The building - (heating of the building) the mode of pogodozavisimy regulation when temperature of giving is maintained according to in advance established schedule of dependence on external (street) temperature. At an exit of temperature of the return heat carrier for a framework of the established range (Tobr.min, Tobr.max) the algorithm of an emergency at which opening of pipeline fittings of the corresponding contour is initiated enters work and the pomp/pump relay turns on. This relay can be used for turning on of the circulation pulser accelerating warming up of system or for the alarm system about an emergency.

Mode parameters Description Min Max
Tpod.min The minimum temperature of the heat carrier in the giving pipeline 20.0 180.0
Tpod.max The maximum temperature of the heat carrier in the giving pipeline 20.0 180.0
Tnar.min Minimum temperature of external air - 50.0 50.0
Tnar. max Maximum temperature of external air - 50.0 50.0
Zone LF. Tolerance zone 0.5 10.0
Tobr.min Minimum temperature of the return heat carrier 20.0 150.0
Tobr.max Maximum temperature of the return heat carrier 20.0 150.0

· GVS - (hot water supply) the mode of maintenance of temperature of giving at the set level.

Mode parameters Description of parameter Min Max
Tvoda Setting of temperature of supply of hot water 10.0 90.0
Zone LF. Tolerance zone 0.0 10.0

· The room - the mode of maintenance of temperature indoors. The algorithm demands connection of 3 sensors of temperature therefore realization is possible only on the first contour of regulation, at the same time is admissible to use the second contour only in the GVS mode.

Settings of the modes are configured through the menu of the device or by means of the software. Access to management to settings of the device is also available only after input of the password of access. The password of access can be changed, delivery of the device is carried out with previously established password 000000.

Use of the schedule function in the device allows to save significantly the heat carrier during the periods when the room is not used (for example, at night or the days off). In total it can be installed up to 7 timers: 1 for every day of week. Function the schedule is adjusted separately for each channel.

The device is supplied with non-volatile memory for storage of a log (180 records) and a data archive of temperatures during 168 days (8064 records). Record of a log and data archive is made cyclically, old data are rubbed clean newer. Events remain at emergence, data register with frequency of 30 minutes.

Technical characteristics

· Range of the feeding tension of alternating current 85 … 264 V

· Range of frequencies of alternating current of 47-440 Hz

· Maximum peak power consumption, no more than 8 W

· Mean square power consumption, no more than 2 W

· Tension of breakdown of isolation, not less than 1000 V

· Range of temperatures of operation-40 … +60 °C

· The maximum length of a loop for connection of sensors of temperature, not less than 100 m

· Data transmission speed on the RS-232 interface: 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200 baud.

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Teplur of 4 M
Teplur of 4 M
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