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Technical characteristics
  • Egg flippingAutomatic
  • Capacity288 pcs.
Incubator of TGB-70 of Biot +

All trays now completely from the metal gauze, and a trough for water plastic. The cable in the turn device in all models for the purpose of increase in reliability and durability is replaced with a roller (bicycle) chain.

Is issued also partitions for an incubation of quails. A set of partitions (2 pieces) are established in a standard tray, and not less than 400 eggs allow to incubate.

Creating an incubator on 70-300 eggs, we for ourselves set a condition at once, - for the maximum availability, except reasonable price, it has to have a possibility of transfer by mail. It defined a design of its case - an easy metal framework from stainless steel with the warmed textile cover from kurtochny fabric in which on all surface the heating wire is evenly distributed. Other name of a cover - the thermal container flexible household (TCFH). This reduction is also present at the name of an incubator. The following of figure behind it specifies incubator capacity in relation to eggs.

The following condition - to bring closer deductibility of eggs and viability of the young growth removed in incubators to a nasizhivaniye in a nest. Traditional parameters of an incubation (stability of temperature, humidity, air exchange) in all types of incubators are supported at rather acceptable level at which the normalized deductibility of eggs makes 80-90%. Actually it often is at lower level, especially for incubatory eggs of poor quality (a long period of storage of eggs, the wrong diet of a layer). At the same time the nasizhivaniye provides to nearly 100% deductibility even of such eggs. Such distinction of results of a nasizhivaniye and incubation is explained by the fact that in an incubator conditions development of an embryo in a brood hen nest do not repeat. While in an incubator not to repeat a nest of a brood hen, we just try to create in is mute the conditions coming to a brood hen nest.

The air ionizer (see an option "L") was the first step.

The second step - a bioacoustic (sound) stimulator. It equipped all family of incubators of TGB. His idea was obtained from works of scientists of MSU as early as the 80th years of the last century, in particular Candidate of Biology Alexander Vasilyevich Tikhonov. As show experiences, the amicable vyluplivaniye is preceded by the clicking sounds of a certain frequency made by baby birds. At biostimulation this frequency is slightly more, and germs arrange under it own rhythms. Thanks to it the incubation period for various parties of eggs is reduced, increases deductibility a little and withdrawal of young growth decreases.

The following steps - thermocontrast temperature condition is embodied in the basic option "Biot" which is present at all incubators of TGB.

At the thermocontrast mode temperature in an incubator periodically changes. Hour with excess rather set, hour with the same understating and so throughout all term of an incubation. Overestimate/understating size - 1,0 °C. Possible values - 0,8 and 1,2 °C. It is clear, that the average temperature of egg at the same time remains set and for the term of an incubation does not influence. And what it gives? It improves ventilation of egg - enriches with oxygen and deletes carbon dioxide. When cooling contents of egg are reduced. At almost constant size of a shell, it leads to discharge and absorption of an additional portion of air. When heating contents of egg extend, pushing out the accumulated carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide through the same time of a shell.

To all models a set of custom options - is provided (And, P, B, L and Biot +):

"And" - automatic turn of eggs;

"R" - a possibility of use of the reserve power supply. At emergency shutdown of electric network the incubator is automatically connected to constantly connected (through "crocodiles") to the automobile accumulator. At renewal of supply of electricity the accumulator is automatically charged. The accumulator certainly by mail does not go and bought independently.

"In" - the built-in electronic hydrometer. Change of humidity is carried out by reduction of the area of a water mirror of a trough by means of floating rugs.

"L" - the built-in ionizer of air (the aero ionizer, Chizhevsky's chandelier). It raises number of negatively charged ions thanks to what number of the "whippets" (who developed, but did not arise baby birds) sharply decreases, and germs develop quicker (feather, gain weight, rush). Successful experiments on impact of aero ions on incubatory eggs were made by the outstanding Russian scientist, the biologist Alexander Leonidovich Chizhevsky (1897-1964) on the basis of the Moscow scientific research institute in Zagorsk in the 30th years of last century and were confirmed by long-term operation of our incubators.

"Biot +" - thermocontrast temperature condition, plus automatic time okhlazhdeniyetr in days 15 minutes. At the same time the thermocontrast mode and automatic cooling can be disconnected, having left manual control.

We pay your attention that so far performed by "Biot +" the mode of biostimulation is absent.

"Biot + "initially thought for TGB-280 for the purpose of prevention of an overheat of eggs in average trays, especially in warm weather.

It is recommended to all types of incubators of TGB if a conclusion of natatorial breeds of birds is supposed. Eggs of waterfowl contain more fat, than eggs therefore it is better to cool goose and duck eggs about 3-4 days of an incubation. Though according to the average program, but the automatic cooling obligatory for these breeds is carried out. Especially as it is useful for all breeds of a bird as cooling of eggs is used not only as the factor of removal of surplus of physiological heat, but also as the thermal irritant raising a metabolism and improving development of all germs.

Incubators with caissons, i.e. performed by "+" it is not desirable for Biot to establish on a draft. Through blowing off through caissons is not excluded that can lead to decrease in humidity.


· Capacity, eggs, depending on model, piece, not less - 72, 144, 216 or 288.

· Capacity of one tray: chicken - 72, goose - 30, duck - 56, quail - 255 pieces.

· Range of fine tuning of temperature in an incubator, ° C - 36 … 39,9.

· Range of measurement of the current temperature, ° C - from minus 40 to plus 99,9.

· Accuracy of maintenance of temperature (in a point of installation of the sensor), ° C - ± 0,2.

· Heterogeneity of temperature on an incubator in the settled mode, not boleeos - ± 0,5.

· Moistening, evaporation from a changeable free surface, in the range, % - 40 … 85.

· Air exchange - a natural supply and exhaust ventilation with continuous hashing of air fans.

· Automatic turn of eggs, times a day - 12.

· Supply voltage, In - 220 ± 10%.

· Tension of reserve food, In - 12 ± 10%.

· The current consumed from the accumulator, And, no more - 8.

· The maximum current of a charge of the accumulator, And, no more - 3.

· Ionizer tension, In, 3000 … 5000.

· Power consumption, W - 118 ± 5.

· Dimensions, mm, in working situation, no more - 600 x 600 x 600.

· Weight (in packing), kg, no more - 12,0.

· Service life, years, not less - 5.

· A guarantee, years - 1.

Features of a design

The existing models - TGB-70, TGB-140, TGB-210, TGB-280 - have some constructive differences and contain different quantity of the trays placed in the rotating cartridge. So TGB-70 with one tray, TGB-140 supports two, TGB-210 three, and TGB-280 respectively four trays, not less than on 72 eggs everyone. The turn of all eggs is made by one movement of a hand, by a cartridge inclination in one or other party.

The incubator consists of an external framework which the warmed cover and the internal cartridge with guides for sliding mesh trays under eggs is put on. The cartridge is fixed in a framework on an axis of rotation and has a possibility of an inclination to the right or left side by 45 degrees. Together with the cartridge also trays with vertically established eggs bend, making their turn. The framework and the cartridge are made of the bent corrosion-proof corners connected by means of welding.

In the basis of a framework the plastic trough of a humidifier settles down.

On outer side of the basis of the cartridge fans and sensors (temperatures, humidity) with radiators fasten (the ionizer and a bioacoustic stimulator). Sensors and radiators are located in plastic tubes and are blown by an air stream of fans.

For protection of a cover from damage by the rotating cartridge the protective "arches" executed in the form of long handles enter a set of delivery of all models. Handles, for the purpose of reduction of dimensions of a parcel, are installed by customers independently.

Besides, for reduction of the same dimensions by TGB-210 and TGB-280 frameworks are executed folding and sliding, and on TGB 280 folding and sliding and the cartridge. At assembly they are nominated the friend from the friend and screwed together.

Attention, novelty!!!

Since this season, in all incubators of TGB new basic function is entered -

Preliminary warming up of eggs

Function will be especially interesting to owners of incubators performed by "Biot +". The matter is that in "Biot +", for technical reasons, is absent the bioacoustic (sound) stimulator of a conclusion which is a little reducing the period of an incubation and time of a conclusion of baby birds.

Preliminary 5-8 hours warming up of eggs at a temperature of 25 ° C in an incubator allow to reach uniform starting temperature 25˚C prior to the beginning of an incubation. It is the first step on the way to achievement of a short "window of a conclusion", i.e. time interval between hatching of the first and last baby bird.

But temperature should not be higher than 27 ° C at all - at this temperature the wrong development of a germ begins. Therefore it is necessary to watch that surrounding temperature indoors was lower than 25 ° C.

With preliminary heating the first division of some embryonic cages begins. These processes should not be interrupted or be slowed down at all if they already began, and after preliminary heating the incubation at once has to follow at a temperature in an incubator of 38.0 °C, with the purpose to reach the optimum temperature of an embryo of 37.8 °C. The incubation after achievement of internal temperature of egg 25˚C (5 - 6 hours after the beginning of heating), except reduction of "a conclusion window" reduces risk of early mortality of embryos.


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