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The car rescue ACM-41-011 on the VAZ-2131 base buy in Moskovskij
Buy The car rescue ACM-41-011 on the VAZ-2131 base
The car rescue ACM-41-011 on the VAZ-2131 base

The car rescue ACM-41-011 on the VAZ-2131 base

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Russia, Moskovskij
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It is intended for expeditious delivery of rescuers and the special equipment to the place of emergence of emergency situations of natural and technogenic character, ensuring performance of rescue and other urgent works, actions for search and delivery of health care by the victim, elimination of the local centers of ignitions, conducting radiation and chemical survey, communication and the notification during mitigation of consequences of accidents, accidents and natural disasters.

Opportunities and the carried-out tasks

  • Expeditious delivery of calculation from 4 people and the special equipment to places of emergence of an emergency and road accidents on roads of all categories with a speed up to 100 km;
  • The notification of the population about an emergency, transfer of special light and sound signals, speech teams and messages in a radius up to 500 m;
  • The organization of a radio communication in VHF range with use of mobile radio station on range to 20 km and wearable radio stations - on range of 3 km;
  • Evacuation of the destructions which were injured from the centers, including and from heights to 50 m;
  • First aid by the victim with use of medical laying;
  • Raising of reinforced concrete and steel structures, equipment, capacities, etc. freights weighing up to 4000 kg by means of pneumatic jacks on height to 260 mm;
  • Deformation, movement and destruction of power elements of designs, perekusyvaniye of metal cores with a diameter up to 20 mm;
  • Expansion of narrow apertures in blockages and designs to 240 mm;
  • Conducting radiation and chemical survey (measurement of power of an exposition dose, express assessment of chemical air pollutions, waters, bulks and soil, vegetables, fruit);
  • Suppression of the local centers of ignitions;
  • Protection of dangerous sites and venues of a wrecking;
  • Illumination of venues of a wrecking by means of manual accumulator lamps and headlights searchlights.


  • High comfortableness for crew in combination with low cost;
  • The inexpensive car in comparison with similar rescue cars;
  • It is especially effective for equipment of the saving formations having the reduced duty shifts;
  • Good maneuverability and passability in various road conditions;
  • Fast reduction of the equipment in readiness for application due to its placement on a sliding platform container and uses of quick-detachable fastenings, arms and lodgments;
  • Application of a forward power protection with the electric winch significantly increases passability in difficult road conditions and protection of the car at road accident.

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The car rescue ACM-41-011 on the VAZ-2131 base
The car rescue ACM-41-011 on the VAZ-2131 base
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