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Peremotchik of the film is intended for measuring off of necessary length of polymeric films and fabrics, the rewinding of films (fabrics) from one roll in another, and also for winding of films (fabrics) in rolls.
Peremotchik is manual and is put in action only by efforts of the operator

For work with the peremotchik the operator needs to hang up the roll of the film (fabric) on the runoloderzhatel located on the peremotchik back then to pass it through the upper little table and to overflow in the coil-processing frame. In case of use of the film not from the roll, the operator needs to place the film behind the peremotchik and to perform the operations stated above.

The prizhimatel with the roller electrically connected to the counter (as which the calculator acts), and also the cut for convenience of cutting of the film (fabric) has the little table. At rotation by the operator of the handle of the coil-processing frame, the film (fabric), sliding on the little table, rotates the roller, showing the number of meters on the counter. Thus the operator can measure necessary quantity of the film (fabric) and cut off it, having carried out by the knife to little table cuts.

Technical characteristics:

1. Dimensions (VKHSHKHG) - 1200 mm x 2000 mm x 700 mm
2. Weight - 50 kg

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The doser is liquid
The doser is liquid
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