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The dry strengthening mix (top ping) for concrete floors of SOLIDTOP Quartz buy in Kazan
Buy The dry strengthening mix (top ping) for concrete floors of SOLIDTOP Quartz
The dry strengthening mix (top ping) for concrete floors of SOLIDTOP Quartz

The dry strengthening mix (top ping) for concrete floors of SOLIDTOP Quartz

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandSolidTop
  • UsageUniversal
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • Weight25 kg
  • ColorStone gray
  • State of the materialDry mixture

The dry strengthening mix for concrete floors of SOLIDTOP Quartz (top ping) is the high - quality construction material made on the basis of high - strength of the knitting, special complex additives and mineral fillers.


The dry mix SOLIDTOP Quartz - represents the powdery mix consisting of a portlandtsement, a fractional quartz filler, supersoftener, the modified additives and color pigments: light - gray, green, blue, red, etc. It is delivered in bags on 25 kg, in the form of previously mixed dry mix for direct drawing by the principle "dry on wet".


The dry mix SOLIDTOP Quartz is intended for finishing of a surface of fresh concrete floors with the average mode of loading, improves processing and resistance to wear of a surface of concrete floors. Coverings with use of the dry strengthening mixes SOLIDTOP Quartz, surpass the raw concrete floors in strength characteristics, allow concrete service life several times increases.


  • almost total absence of dust;
  • decrease in intensity of wear;
  • high shock - proof qualities;
  • protection against oil slicks that corresponds to the moderate level of chemical firmness;
  • the strengthened layer, makes a whole with the concrete basis, peeling and destructions is in use excluded;
  • rather high decorative effect, with use of the color strengthening mixes;
  • readiness of a concrete floor to 1000 m/kV, for only one running cycle;
  • simplicity of operation and cleaning;
  • long service life;
  • economic benefit


  • industry
  • transport infrastructure
  • trade
  • health care, education, sport
  • entertainment and exhibition centers
  • warehouses


In the course of production of the dry mix SOLIDTOP Quartz, systematic quality control of products in vitro is constantly exercised. A basis of successful application of SOLIDTOP Quartz is observance of the instruction for putting dry mix.


Material is packed in number of 25 kg into paper bags, on 40 bags on the pallet. It is stored in the corresponding conditions, should not be affected by humidity, extremely high and low temperatures. Arantiyny term makes 6 months of day of production.


Temperature of the basis and air at work has to be not lower plus 5 °C. At a temperature above + 25 °C (i) or relative humidity of air it is lower than 60,0% , and also in the presence of wind (drafts) it is necessary to consider that concrete mix in these conditions quickly loses free moisture and concrete curing process accelerates. Preparation of the basis, reinforcing, concrete brand, thickness of a concrete plate need to be chosen and carried out according to requirements of the project and according to Snip2.0313, SNI - P3.03.01, Snip3.04.01 and the operating ND.


Presence at concrete mix of the additives involving air, and also, additives the containing salts promoting high - education is not allowed. Concrete mix should not contain clay inclusions, the module of fineness of small filler not less than 2,0. The maximum size of large filler is chosen depending on plate thickness. Concrete brand - not below M300 (B22,5).


Concrete mix is accepted and keeps within according to requirements SNI - of P3.03.01 and the operating ND. At the same time it is necessary to watch that gaps in acceptance of concrete were minimum in order to avoid emergence of cracks on a gap edge.

As soon as concrete begins to maintain loading equal to the average weight of the person, it is necessary to start a vyglazhivaniye of concrete mix by concrete - finishing cars with a disk. Before a vyglazhivaniye it is necessary to remove surplus of water from a surface of concrete mix if those are available, by means of a rubber hose or the pallet. The concrete mix adjoining designs, columns, holes, doorways and walls needs to be processed first of all.


The dry mix SOLIDTOP Quartz in one or two stages in total of 5 kg/sq. m for natural color and 7 kg/sq. m for a color top ping, is filled on a surface are fresh the poured concrete and the ironing is made. At rather small working loadings the dosage of at least 3 kg/sq. m is allowed. Right after removal of free water from a fresh surface, the first half of total of mix is evenly put (2,5 kg/sq. m, for color 3,5 kg/sq. m). It is necessary to give to absorb within the first 10 - 15 minutes of dry mix in itself water (visually is determined by darkening of a surface), then to start processing of a surface, to put the second half in the same way. After that rub clean the material rest. For the purpose of achievement of the best machining of a blanket rotational ironing cars are used. Process of an ironing repeats several times in process of concrete hardening.


When the processed surface of a floor becomes rather firm, start a zatirka blades. At the same time blades of zatirochny knives have to form as much as possible flat surface. At the second and the subsequent zatirka of the blade of the zatirochny car raise. At approach of the moment when paste from a surface does not stick to zatirochny knives, carry out a zatirka (polishing) of a surface. Minor defects are recommended to be smoothed down manually.


The ready surface is processed by a special varnish (SOLIDTOP Polish). After drying of a surface, it can be covered, for example, with a polyethylene film. It allows to avoid emergence of pollution, change of color or physical damages which cannot almost be corrected then.


In 3 days seams are cut. It is recommended to fill them after concrete finally usyadt, those. , approximately, in 28 - 40 days).


Seams are filled with a special primer and sealant.


After completion of work, it is necessary to wash out carefully working tools water before cement material hardens on the tool and blades of the zatirochny car.


Within the first 14 days temperature of the basis and air has to be not less plus 5 °C. At a temperature is higher plus 25 °C (i) or relative humidity of air lower than 60,0% , and also in the presence of wind (drafts), it is necessary to prevent excessive loss of moisture a concrete plate (to cover it with, for example, polyethylene film). It is recommended to go (to footwear on a soft sole) only to second day; traffic on rubber to the course without freight - in 14 days; keeping of design loadings not earlier than in 28 days.


The product contains cement which reacts with water with emergence of alkaline reaction. It is necessary to protect eyes and to prevent contact with skin. At manipulations with dry mix there is a danger of inhalation of dust particles, in communication with what we recommend to use a protective antidust respirator. At hit in eyes it is necessary to wash out them flowing water then to ask for medical care. To protect from children.


The producer guarantees observance of the specified technical characteristics of a product on condition of implementation of the instruction for drawing, however does not provide other additional guarantees in case of the wrong processing and application.

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The dry strengthening mix (top ping) for concrete floors of SOLIDTOP Quartz
The dry strengthening mix (top ping) for concrete floors of SOLIDTOP Quartz
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