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The equipment is forge and press

The equipment is forge and press

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The coordinate and revolving press is intended for automation of production of production of details like panels, the chassis, covers, washers, poklevka, otbortovka, blinds from sheet material with performance of operations of a punched hole and cutting down of openings, planimetric and rectilinear carving, cleaning by milling of combs of the cut contours, and at equipment by the laser - laser cutting of contours.
The press has a bed of the closed type of the increased rigidity on which all main knots of a press are located: the drive of rams, a capstan with tool sets, a coordinate table with two mutually perpendicular carriages and listoderzhatel. The drive of the ram(s) represents the bezmuftovy krivoshipno-lever mechanism of inclusion providing to 200 single turning on of the ram at 400 continuous courses. Drives of rams are equipped with counterbalances and the self-repairing safety locks on effort.
The capstan with sets of the quick-detachable and easily readjusted tool is made on the special technology allowing to achieve high precision of a relative positioning of nests for the tool.
The press are equipped with devices, ChPU NC210, 201, NC110. UChPU provides diagnosing of the reasons of stops in work, programming in a preliminary set or from the computer, including via the DNC terminal with the subsequent their storage in memory.
In new development (see in the table OTsK0126F402R) in a capstan there are two positions of rotation of the tool. The supporting table is executed in the form of a brush carpet, the sizes of the processed leaf without interception, etc. are increased.
On the specified equipment the tool from K0126 series press can be used without completions, i.e. the working tool on pressa of K0126 and OTsK0126F4 - we interchange.
The press are intended for a shaping of teeth of iron of rotors or stators of electrical machines in one-position stamps by method of a consecutive punched hole of grooves on the periphery of preparation of a leaf 0,5:1,0 mm thick and with a diameter from 60 to 990 mm and segments with a diameter of preparation up to 2500 mm.
Drive of the ram of press of the A0920 and A0920 model. F3 is carried out from the electric motor through kliporemenny transfer, the coupling brake installed on eccentric to a shaft and a rod. The ram moves in adjustable guides.
On the press of A0920 turn of preparation on the required corner is made by means of the delitelny mechanism like "Ferguson" which drive is carried out through system of mechanisms from an eccentric shaft.
On the press of A0920.F3 turn of preparation on the required corner is made from NC-200 model ChPU.
In difference from press of A0920 and A0920. F3 the drive of the ram of press of PPV-4 and PPV-10.01 and PPV-10.02 pneumatic, and control of the drive of the delitelny mechanism, i.e. is carried out by turn of preparation on the required corner also from ChPU NC200.
On the press of PPV-10.01 except disks of a rotor or the stator round in the plan, production of segment sheets of big electrical machines with a diameter of the stator or a rotor to 2500 mm is possible.
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The equipment is forge and press
The equipment is forge and press
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