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The filter for water slot-hole PVC 90*5,0*3000 (a crack of 0,3 mm) buy in Moscow
Buy The filter for water slot-hole PVC 90*5,0*3000 (a crack of 0,3 mm)
The filter for water slot-hole PVC 90*5,0*3000 (a crack of 0,3 mm)

The filter for water slot-hole PVC 90*5,0*3000 (a crack of 0,3 mm)

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The filter for water slot-hole PVC 90*5,0*3000 (a crack of 0,3 mm)

The PVC slot-hole filter for wells

Today the market offers various devices for ensuring water supply. Wishing to make the well on the site, it is worth taking care of quality of the extracted underground waters and of safety of the used equipment. The slot-hole filter – an optimal variant for ensuring correct operation of the borehole pump and extraction of clear water.

Why the filter in the well?

That the well was used most effectively, and water arrived qualitative, without impurity, and at the same time the equipment did not wear out, it is necessary to adhere to the following conditions:

  1. It is correct to choose a design of the filter and to pick up the corresponding type of the filtering element. Slot-hole filters for water will allow to achieve the accuracy of granulometric and strength indicators. During their creation features of the soil from which take water were considered.
  2. On the equipment shipped deep into wells there has to be a special gravel sprinkling. It reduces the speed of a current of liquid in a zone about the filter, thereby prevents an intake of dust and dirt from the well that allows to lower load of the filter, and he will longer work.
  3. Over a zone of sprinkling it is necessary to establish a special packer. It it is necessary to arrange from above a filtrational column.
  4. At the choice of the equipment for deep water wells it is worth paying attention to resistance of material to chemical elements, corrosion and electricity.
  5. It is necessary to follow all rules of installation and to consider technology of drilling depending on properties of the soil. It is also important to establish correctly an upsetting column, to carry out cleaning and development of the well, to make pumping.

How to choose the filter?

Before choosing the suitable filter, it should be taken into account several factors. Most often buy the filter slot-hole for the well because it optimum is suitable for wells of 300 meters in size. Of course, not only depth of the well plays an important role in the choice of the filter. It is necessary to consider also such moments:

  • Size of cracks of the filter. Cracks on the filter pass water and large and average particles of garbage detain, without allowing it to filter on system to cranes. It is also important that cracks were so small to interfere with penetration of such rainfall of breed as: gravel, particles of pebble, sand. Thus, at the choice of the filter it is worth paying attention to the size of cells: it has to correspond to the size of the particles which are in water to detain them. For such purposes many try to buy the slot-hole filter as it detains small particles of breed and does not pass mechanical elements. It provides good connection with system of the water carrier.
  • Technological effectiveness of the filter. The filters equipped with PVD consist of three layers. The first – krupnoshchelevy – it supports operation of the equipment and prevents hit in large particles. The second – sredneyacheisty – he is called the worker. It filters water in such a way that it can be used for domestic needs. The third layer – close-meshed. It protective also filters liquid to ideal purity. If it is correct to pick up the size of cells according to granulometric indicators of water in a source, then the filter will well perform the function that will allow to receive clear water.
  • High porosity. The filter should be selected proceeding from a ratio of the cracks passing liquid in relation to total area. In a percentage ratio it is possible to count on an indicator of 35-40%.
  • Resistance to corrosion. Filters a dusting quietly maintain the borehole slot-hole equipped PVD hostile water environment, they are not afraid of electrochemical corrosion. They can be used safely even in the wells enriched with iron, manganese and calcium. The layer of stainless steel allows are not afraid of liquid influences.
  • Mechanical durability – one more important indicator of the filter. As he is placed in the equipment and has to filter a large amount of water, it is necessary to calculate loading. At the expense of the pump pumping water the big pressure therefore the filter has to be strong and resistant is created. Stretching on an axis, and also possibilities of deformation have to be correctly calculated.

Features of slot-hole filters

Most often slot-hole filters do of nPVH that does them reliable and strong. Distinctive quality is also simplicity of installation and high efficiency. These filters answer such indicators:

  • the most equal surface -
  • ecological safety -
  • ease of installation -
  • resistance to corrosion and other manifestations of the water environment -
  • durability -
  • stability before chemical influences of aggressive impurity -
  • prevention of formation of calcic outgrowths and water stone -
  • correct work even at the wandering current.

Such filters well cope with any pollution and allow to achieve normal quality of drinking water. They are suitable as for small, and deep wells. Slot-hole filters have reasonable price that does them popular among buyers. They can be used even on shchebnisty breeds in small wells.

Thanks to our website you can buy the slot-hole filter of 90 mm in Moscow conveniently and quickly, by means of an order form. If you need the slot-hole borehole filter of 90 mm which price very moderate, then you got precisely to the address. We will help you to pick up suitable models therefore address for any recommendations.

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The main
The producer - Hemkor
External diameter of a pipe 90.0 (mm)
Internal diameter of a pipe, not less 80.0 (mm)
Pipe wall thickness 5.0 (mm)
Pipe length 3.0 (m)
Material of casing pipe PVC
Scope of casing pipe drinking, technical
Type of connection of casing pipe carving
Additional characteristics
Width of cracks 0.3 mm
Drawing cracks Cross
Application Superficial wells on semi-rocky unstable, shchebenisty and pebble breeds with the prevailing fineness of particles of crushed stone and pebble from 20 to 100 mm (more than 50% on weight)
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The filter for water slot-hole PVC 90*5,0*3000 (a crack of 0,3 mm)
The filter for water slot-hole PVC 90*5,0*3000 (a crack of 0,3 mm)
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