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Thick-film elementrepresents the ceramic basis with the put topology of the carrying-out, resistive layer, and if necessary also dielectric and protective layers. As the ceramic bases ceramic substrates of the leading global manufacturers are used: CoorsTek, CeramTek. At the choice of pastes dlyatolstoplyonochny elementovotdayotsya preference to the best domestic producers who are letting out quality world-class pastes in case of any certain requirements of the customer perhaps izgotovleniyetolstoplyonochny elementovpastam of foreign producers.

The microelectronic thick-film technology means itself consecutive drawing on the ceramic basis of film layers 10 thick... 30 microns. Before drawing the ceramic basis is subjected to special preparation therefore from a surface all pollution are removed, conditions on good adhesion thereby are provided (stickiness with a surface). Drawing film a sloyovtolstoplyonochny element happens by method of a stencil process, the following stage the vzhiganiye of film layers in the high-temperature furnace on a certain temperature profile, according to the applied pastes follows. On installations of laser adjustment there is an operational development of resistance of the resistor to the required value, the final stages of production are tinning of contact platforms and technical control of parameters and appearance of thick-film elements.

The scope of thick-film elements is very extensive, from household appliances of a wide primeniye to the equipment of a special purpose, from household appliances it is possible to allocate the following main mass directions: - tostoplyonochny elements of fuel level sensors,

- thick-film elements of sensors of level of pressure of oil,

- thick-film ceramic heaters,

- thick-film ceramic microradiators,

- thick-film ceramic printed circuit boards,

- bilateral thick-film elements,

- bilateral thick-film ceramic printed circuit boards,

- multilayered thick-film ceramic printed circuit boards.

The thick-film technology of microelectronics allows to operate thick-film elements in quite severe conditions:

- - Range of working temperatures makes from-60... +150 °C: vibration loadings with a sinusoidal frequency of vibration from 20... 300 Hz and acceleration amplitude (40. 60) m/s ² and shock loadings with acceleration (80. 120) m/s ², duration of impact of acceleration (1-3) ms, lasting 10 000 blows.

The presented price a natolstoplyonochny resistive element of the fuel level sensor is average, the actual price is defined by overall dimensions of a product, the area of a covering and volume of the order.

Performance term for new orders makes 7.... 10 days, for repeated orders 3... 7 days depending on application volume.

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The heater is thick-film
The heater is thick-film
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