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The heating Freezstop cable Inside-10-2 (2 m) for installation in a pipe buy in Moscow
Buy The heating Freezstop cable Inside-10-2 (2 m) for installation in a pipe
The heating Freezstop cable Inside-10-2 (2 m) for installation in a pipe

The heating Freezstop cable Inside-10-2 (2 m) for installation in a pipe

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  • BrandСпециальные системы и технологии
  • Country of manufactureRussia

The heating Freezstop cable Inside-10-2 (2 m) for installation in a pipe


The self-regulating heating Freezstop cable Inside-10-2 for installation in a pipe

Instruction for installation and operation  (9.82 MB)

The section heating cable Freezstop Inside (heating section) is intended for protection against freezing of household pipelines, ensuring their safety, high-quality and reliable work. The ideal decision for heating of pipes of small diameter. Is established in a pipe with water or other nonaggressive environment, and also outside of the pipeline (optionally).

Complete set:

The section is heating cable 1 pieces.
Omental knot for input of a cable in a pipe 1 pieces.
Instruction for installation and operation 1 pieces.
Packing box 1 pieces.
Passport 1 pieces.

Design of heating section

The heating section consists of the self-regulating heating cable equipped with a three-meter adjusting wire with an eurofork on the end on the one hand and the trailer coupling – with another.

The heating cable consists of two parallel copper conductors, the interval between which is filled by the special semiconducting structure (a semiconducting matrix) changing the resistance depending on temperature of the warmed object. For electrical safety and protection the semiconducting matrix has isolation from thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) over which the braid from tinned copper and a cover from a ftorpolimer is imposed. Connecting and trailer couplings are factory fabricated, reliable and tight.

Example of installation of heating section in the pipeline


Owners of the private house are forced to spend many means and efforts in order that in cold season to provide to the family comfortable accommodation in a country house. But after all with approach of frosts infinite problems with water and sewer systems begin. They freeze, pipes burst and all this causes interruptions in heating, water supply and a drainage system.

One of the most effective ways to prevent these troubles – to buy the heating cable in a pipe which is an element of modern system of cable heating of the pipes Freezstop.

The producer of this reliable equipment - the "Special Systems and Technologies" company - since 1991 makes systems of electric heating for application in life and the industry. The company makes electric heat-insulated floors and other devices for comfortable life, and also special systems for protection of buildings and city constructions against frosting, industrial systems for electric heating of pipelines and various processing equipment.

Protection of pipelines

During construction of a country house or giving which is used all the year round it is also worth thinking of warming of pipes of water supply and the sewerage. It will allow to provide uninterrupted activity of these systems. At a stage of making of the pipeline installation of the self-regulating heating cable happens without considerable financial expenses. And it is impossible to call installation of such heating system of the pipes Freezstop Inside from the "Special Systems and Technologies" company too labor-intensive process.

The most demanded samreg a cable Freezstop Inside 10 is considered now. It is hi-tech system with independent regulation of temperature which adapts in a unique way to features of surrounding temperature. Thanks to the heating cable in a pipe the optimum temperature necessary for prevention of a skaplivaniye of ice constantly is maintained.

The size and power of heating section need to be chosen depending on length of a pipe and thickness of thermal insulation. On sale there are ready sections which length makes 2 - 10 m. If the owner of the house did not manage to mount a heating system of pipes in the fall, it is possible to lay the heating cable even at the beginning of winter cold weather. The minimum temperature at which it is possible to install system makes - 15 °C.

Advantages of use of system of internal heating of pipes

Buying a cable self-regulating which price is rather available, the owner of a private structure can be completely confident in expediency of this purchase. Than such acquisition comes true?

  • As the cable has excellent tight properties, it can be stacked in a pipe. At the same time electricity consumption is much lower, than at its external laying so operation of the equipment will not become financial encumbrance.
  • The external cover of a cable is made of a special ftorpolimer therefore for application in pipes with drinking water this system is absolutely safe.
  • This heating system of pipelines installed in pipes with water or other nonaggressive liquids prolongs the term of operation of system of plumbing and sanitary for 25 years and prevents risk of emergence of expenses on their possible repair.
  • The product is absolutely safe as the possibility of an overheat of system or a transmission of electric current is excluded.

Design of heating section

The device consists of a self-regulating heating cable with a wire and an eurofork on one end and the trailer coupling – on another. Length of a cable is sufficient in order that connection it to system of power supply did not create problems. The heating cable, in turn, consists of two parallel copper conductors between which space is filled by semiconducting structure which can change the resistance depending on temperature of the warmed object. The principle of operation of the device is that at increase in surrounding temperature the matrix resistance therefore the thermal emission falls and vice versa increases.

The set of heating section contains the connecting and trailer coupling, the detailed operation manual and the passport of a product. It is possible not to doubt reliability and tightness of couplings as they are manufactured industrially under careful control.

Installation of a heating system

Not really skilled master as its device extremely simple will even cope with installation of this reliable system. Installation of section consists in fixing of a heating cable in a pipe and connection of all system to network of power supply. As a rule, independent installation of heating section lasts on average no more than 2 hours, but allows to save the considerable sum.

Starting installation of equipment, it is necessary to study attentively the instruction, system effectiveness in many respects depends on quality of installation. For simplification of installation flat-nose pliers and nonaggressive lubricant are used. Installation of equipment consists of several simple steps:

  • installation of a tee on a pipe -
  • installation of omental knot on a tee -
  • assembly of omental knot -
  • providing thermal insulation of the pipeline for effective work of a heating system.

Here it is possible to provide with such simple way a simple and effective solution of the problem of an exit of pipes out of operation. This simple design even in the most hard frosts will protect household systems of water supply and the sewerage from freezing irrespective of, they are located over the earth or under its surface.

At the choice of a product consultation of the expert can be necessary for the buyer. The skilled consultant will help to pick up the equipment taking into account features of an object on which it will be installed. At the same time in shop will offer the buyer additional accessories.

The main
The producer - Special Systems and Technologies
Country producer Russia
Type of a heating cable - Self-regulating
Maximum power 10.0 W/m
Tension of network 220 ~ 240 V
Scope of a heating cable Heating of pipes and pipelines
Additional characteristics
Length of ready section 2 m.
Length/section of an adjusting wire 3 m / 3? 1, 5 mm 2
Supply voltage ~ 220–240 V, 50 Hz
Max. working temperature under the tension / without tension 65 °C / 85 °C
Minimum temperature of installation - 15 °C
The minimum radius of a single bend at installation 35 mm
Electric resistance of isolation 10 3 megohms • m
Electric resistance of the shielding braid no more than 10 Ohms/km
Range of ambient temperatures - 50 … +50 °C
Degree of protection IP67
Linear power not less 10 W/m (in air) and 25 W/m (in water)
Cover of a heating cable Ftorpolimer (it is suitable for pipes with drinking water)
Cable type Self-regulating
Regulation of temperatures The cable independently regulates temperature


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The heating Freezstop cable Inside-10-2 (2 m) for installation in a pipe
The heating Freezstop cable Inside-10-2 (2 m) for installation in a pipe
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