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The machines which are faltsevalno-sticking together

The machines which are faltsevalno-sticking together

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The semiautomatic device which is faltsevalno-sticking together for gofroyashchik.

Dla of semi-automatic folding and pasting of cut of standard sizes four valve gofroyashchik of broad range on the side valve with forming of packs.

Working process:

Preparations are laid in foot on loading table of the operator.

The operator in turn takes upper preparation, puts the right part and slightly left part and sends to working zone.

Further the machine works completely automatically.

Preparation takes place under head for putting glue and there the glue path which length is established previously by means of infrared sensors is put. The left guide bends preparations at their movement.

The ribbed conveyor transports packaging through pressing shaft in the store for foot. The infrared sensor considers the number of pieces.

Feet keep behind emphasis, and are in front leveled in form by pressing podbivatel. From above foot is pressed by load.

When in foot the set quantity collects, emphasis falls and releases foot of boxes.

Foot is transported on table behind the machine for the subsequent binding.

The infrared sensor distinguishes leaving of foot and emphasis again come to the provision of reception.

The operator continuously gives to the preparation machine. The giving table at the same time automatically rises by working height.

If the programmed number of packagings is reached, 3 seconds sound signal of the termination of cycle.

Types of processing and products:

Gofroyashchiki from 3 and 5 layer corrugated cardboards.

Amount of cutting of adherend boxes, mm

length: … … … … … … … … … … … .max 2650min 350

height: … … … … … … …. … … …. max 1100min 250

Features of application:

Due to big flexibility in reconfiguration when changing standard size of gofroyashchik it is often more economic to have several semiautomatic devices instead of the high-speed automatic transfer line demanding big time for readjustment. By the way, availability of different types of machines only improves work of all enterprise in general. Very often our clients begin work with semiautomatic device, getting then and the automatic machine. But our machine never remains without work. Cases when the enterprises clients buy the second machine after some operating time on one are not rare.

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The machines which are faltsevalno-sticking together
The machines which are faltsevalno-sticking together
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