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The polished concrete, polishing, milling of concrete floors

The polished concrete, polishing, milling of concrete floors

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The polished concrete. Restoration of old concrete

Despite of the fact that concrete is strong, monolithic and reliable material eventually its strength characteristics can decrease after all. A surface of concrete floors are subject to gradual cracking, dusting, dyeing and an erosion.

The first signs are a dusting (as a rule, 1 - 2 months of operation), then the erosion of a surface which leads to decrease in smoothness and a bigger dust formation, a final stage – an exposure of large filler and an utter impossibility of operation begins.

To avoid similar unpleasant manifestations, it is necessary to pay attention to hardening (strengthening) of concrete. Only timely processing of concrete floors can protect them and stop destruction.

Until recently in this sphere dry uprochnitel (toppings) consisting of high - branded grades of cement and special additives, uprochnitel on the basis of polymers and also liquid chemical uprochnitel, on the basis of silicates of potassium and sodium were considered as the most popular means. However these technologies are imperfect:

- impossibility of drawing on old concrete;

- impossibility of high - quality application on open building sites;

- obligatory absence of drafts at application;

- the high cost of processing, owing to a big consumption of material;

- high probability of cracking and peeling because of a difference of coefficients of thermal expansion of concrete and a superficial crust of a top ping;

Polymeric uprochnitel were widely used, thanks to creation on a surface of concrete of an impenetrable strong film. These uprochnitel have the following restrictions:

thanks to the organic nature, work only as the sticking together structure in a concrete time, without strengthening a cement stone;

interfere with a natural exit of moisture from concrete and can lead to peeling of the top layer impregnated with polymer;

at high loadings polymeric uprochnitel are effective only when drawing by a thick layer that repeatedly increases design cost;

Polymeric uprochnitel have low thermal stability and, as a rule, lose durability already at a temperature more than 600C

the polymeric strengthening impregnations have low abrasive firmness.

Quite recently the new type of amplifiers of concrete was developed. It is about the lithium strengthening impregnations of concrete floors. They are deprived of shortcomings of traditional uprochnitel and allocated a number of essential advantages:

deep penetration into structure of concrete thanks to the small size of a molecule, high mobility and stability. At the same time there is an interaction at the chemical level to free molecules of hydroxide of calcium;

uniform chemical reaction with a concrete floor;

- ability to give to concrete the raised strength characteristics;

- possibility of giving to concrete floors of excellent wear resistance;

- lack of alkaline and silicate reaction;

- minimum consumption of material;

- high speed of a set of durability concrete after processing.

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The polished concrete, polishing, milling of concrete floors
The polished concrete, polishing, milling of concrete floors
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