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The vibration pump Kid, cable of 16 m, with protection buy in Moscow
Buy The vibration pump Kid, cable of 16 m, with protection
The vibration pump Kid, cable of 16 m, with protection

The vibration pump Kid, cable of 16 m, with protection

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandГМС Насосы
  • Country of manufactureRussia

The vibration pump Kid, cable of 16 m, with protection

The vibration pump Kid, cable of 16 m, with protection, with the lower fence

Vibration pumps "Kid"

Vibration pumps for the first time were available for sale last century – in the fifties. Today the equipment of this type is made by a large number of the enterprises that gives the chance to each buyer to choose for itself the device, optimum in parameters. Today is present at the domestic market and production of many Russian and foreign manufacturers is actively advertized, but the most demanded and widespread is the submersible pump the Kid and his numerous modifications.

Main characteristics and scopes of "Kid"

The vibration electric pump "Kid" is used to a fence and giving on the top of fresh water from the wells and wells having diameter not less than 100 mm. Besides, this equipment can pump water from open reservoirs (the river, the lake, a reservoir, other) and big accumulative capacities. Despite compactness, this pump easily copes with a problem of water supply in pipelines on height more than forty meters under pressure to five atmospheres.

The vibration pump Kid from the single-phase power supply network with parameters 220B/50gts is powered, being connected to it by means of a three-vein wire with a length from 10 to 40 meters where from lived alone is intended for connection of grounding through an unviversal plug. Pumps of this brand differ in usability as its installation and operation are not characterized by existence of any special rules and requirements. "Kid" can begin to be used at once after his immersion in water, and even on an unstable suspension bracket. At the same time all kinds of the electric pumps "Kid" are equipped with protection against overloads that guarantees safety and duration of their operation.

Today the water pumps Kid are widely used in life. They are often used for the organization of local individual water supply in country houses and at dachas, and also for needs of farms and greenhouses at irrigation of a harvest. More and more demanded such pumps become on building sites where they are used to water supply on floors in the conditions of lack of the functioning system of water supply. If to connect to the hose pumping water from "Kid", the special spraying nozzle, this pump will perfectly cope with a problem of spraying of fields, bushes and trees. Irreplaceable "Kids" are also in life when there is a need for pumping out of water from the flooded garage viewing holes, cellars and cellars.

The vibration pumps "Kid", despite compactness, differ in the very good productivity as about 500 liters of water an hour are capable to pump over. At the same time the pump can lift water from depth in 7 meters, giving it on height to 63 meters. Optimum working temperature environment for the most durable operation of the equipment makes 1-35 °C. At such impressive characteristics the mass of the pump makes only 3,1 kilograms that does it convenient in transportation, installation and operation.

Design features of the pump "Kid"

Being going to buy the pump Kid, it is quite good to know how this equipment is arranged by what principle works and of what knots consists.

Basic elements of "Kid":

  • electromagnet which consists of two parts – the P-shaped core made from a special grade of metal, and a winding – two coils connected among themselves and filled in with special solution -
  • the vibrator which consists of an anchor and the metal rod inserted into it -
  • the shock-absorber with the limiter mounted on the vibrator -
  • the case with the built-in backpressure valve closing an exhaust outlet for prevention of a bystry effluence of water from the disconnected system - when there is no pressure, water gradually comes out through the special cut in the case having 8 millimeters of width.

Besides the most important knots of the electric vibration pump "Kid", it should be noted also some minor, but also having the defining value for ensuring its working capacity. It:

  • the piston -
  • emphasis -
  • the coupling -
  • the valve -
  • branch pipe

The water pump "Kid" according to the scheme, standard for the equipment of this type, works. Here no revolutionary innovations but only what proved the solvency in practice are realized. For this reason this equipment is famous for the good productivity, reliability and convenience of operation.

When food moves, the anchor begins the cyclic movement, rising to the core and falling back with a frequency up to hundred cycles per second. Due to the vibration of the piston created in such a way the hydromechanical camera which volume is defined by distance between the valve and a core is formed. Such progress of parts of an electric motor creates inside the pushing-out force thanks to which water also climbs the attached directing branch pipe, going exactly there where it is necessary for the operator of the equipment.

Why "Kid"?

The most part of consumers chooses today the pump Kid which price is not the lowest at all in the profile market why? First, it is domestic production therefore, as a rule, problems do not happen to its service and spare parts. Secondly, this quality, which much higher, than in the Chinese and even many European analogs.

In "Kids" qualitative metals, here exact adjustment of details and a big operational resource are used. And in the third, it is possible to buy various modifications of the electric pumps "Kid" from us, with different characteristics and length of the feeding cable, and it is also powerful argument in favor of this equipment.

In general, the people wishing to buy the high-quality, durable and productive vibration pump, as a rule, choose "Kid".

Main attributes
Country producer Russia
The producer - GMS pumps
Type of the pump Borehole
Way of installation of the pump - Submersible
The maximum pressure - 60.0 (m)
Tension of network 220 ~ 240 V
Frequency - 50.0 (Hz)
Additional characteristics
Rated voltage, In 220
Nominal frequency of current, Hz 50
Degree of protection IPX8
Nominal power, W 240
Maximum pressure, m 60
Maximum temperature of liquid, °C 35
Class of protection against defeat by electric current II
Execution with thermoprotection Yes
Capacity, l/min 25
Weight without electrocable, kg 3,4 (no more)
Height of the pump, mm 255 (no more)
Diameter of the pump, mm 99 (no more)
Length of a cable, m 10
Internal diameter of a pressure head pipe, mm 18-22
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The vibration pump Kid, cable of 16 m, with protection
The vibration pump Kid, cable of 16 m, with protection
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