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The yurta is natural, 5 m in the diameter buy in Krasnoyarsk
Buy The yurta is natural, 5 m in the diameter
The yurta is natural, 5 m in the diameter

The yurta is natural, 5 m in the diameter

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Russia, Krasnoyarsk
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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • Number of rooms1
  • Type of ceiling coveringWoody
  • Storeys1
  • Gross Area20 m²

Sale of a natural yurta of the Mongolian type, with a diameter of 5 meters, the area is 20 square meters.

The yurta represents universal, the lung, the fast-built premises consisting of a wooden framework with a felt layer that allows to keep a cool during a heat and to provide heat in a cold season.

Pluses and advantages of installation of a yurta on the country site:

1. The yurta perfectly approaches as temporary housing at construction of the main house.

2. If the house is already built, then a yurta - good option of a lodge for guests.

3. In winter time the yurta gets warm much quicker, than any lodge.

4. The yurta is mobile and compact in a collected state, gathers/understands in 2-3 hours.

5. The yurta keeps a cool during a heat and provides heat in a cold season, reliably covers from wind and a rain.

6. Construction of a yurta is possible on any surface.

7. The initial interior of a yurta allows to reduce financial expenses in registration of internal design.

All these properties allow to consider a yurta as excellent alternative to various tents, change houses and cars.

Also already for anybody not a secret that on recreation facilities gains recently popularity such type of rest as accommodation in a yurta. Vacationers, in the majority, strive for exotic or to a unification with the nature. Often even in the presence of vacant and comfortable rooms on the base or in rest house, prefer to stop in a yurta.

Other examples of use of a yurta:

- The trade pavilion in the city.

- Cafe, restaurant in ethnic style

- The field camp for geologists, archeologists, oil industry workers, etc. in remote areas.

Our company "Yurtas of Siberia" is engaged in production of yurtas within two years and already has sufficient experience in a yurtostroitelstvo. We have the production with all guarantee certificates and completions which are guided by quality, but not by reduction in cost.

The main differences of our yurtas from other producers:

1. Felt natural! Neither synthetic, nor semi-synthetic, but the real natural felt, 10-12 mm thick. If to consider the Mongolian and Tuva producers, then there it is offered (in standard execution) artificial and 6-8 mm thick., if to insist on natural, then the price respectively increases.

2. The special dome from acrylic glass, like the Canadian yurtas was developed (see a photo). At other producers there or just a cape on a roof, or pieces of polycarbonate.

3. Yurta walls are more better also polished, i.e. already there will not catch a splinter that is actual if in a yurta there are children.

4. All materials vapor-permeable and water-repellent. I.e. the yurta breathes, but does not get wet.

5. It is a lot of other trifles facilitating process of assembly/dismantling of a yurta, eliminating courses and other

It is possible to get our yurta in Krasnoyarsk, Abakan, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Tomsk, Kemerovo, Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Barnaul, Kurgan, Novgorod, Sochi, Chelyabinsk.

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The yurta is natural, 5 m in the diameter
The yurta is natural, 5 m in the diameter
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