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Thermal insulation for a heat-insulated floor buy in Moscow
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Thermal insulation for a heat-insulated floor

Thermal insulation for a heat-insulated floor

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Thermal insulation for a heat - insulated floor, floor thermal insulation

Floor temperature indoors - one of important indicators of level of comfort. At the same time it is proved that 20% of heat of the room are lost through a floor. Therefore even more often we think of need of thermal insulation of a floor.

Thermal insulation of a floor is especially actual if your floors

  • settle down near soil (for example, the first floor of a house);
  • are in direct contact with external air;
  • separate your room from not heated (from the cellar, etc. ).

Thus, thermal insulation of a floor solves several problems at once:

  • allows to save on heating. You cease to heat soil, the atmosphere, basements, etc. ;
  • increases comfort of housing. It is more pleasant to you to go on the warmed floor. Even the thought that 20% of heat do not leave "in anywhere", already warms.

In what floor thermal insulation essence?

If it is short briefly, then between a plate and a floor covering heat - insulating material which does not allow heat "to be lost" through a floor is laid. Of course, for this purpose it is necessary to use qualitative and worthy heat - insulating materials is just about ASTRATEK thermal insulation.

At one stroke two hares, or several words about "heat - insulated floor"

As for ASTRATEK floor thermal insulation anyway it is necessary to remove and stack newly the existing covering, many reflect - but whether not to make a heat - insulated floor at once? And though until recently this phrase was perceived as something absolutely new or just as a craze, today many seriously think of need of heat - insulated floors.

What is "heat - insulated floor"?

It is as a matter of fact the same thermal insulation of a floor, only between heat - insulating and floor coverings lay still a heating element - heat source.

In what advantages of a heat - insulated floor?

  • it is really comfortable when your legs on a floor do not freeze;
  • the heat - insulated floor minimizes drafts (it is explained by the air movement. In usual radiator heating hot air rises under a ceiling and, already cooled down, goes down to a floor. In technology of a heat - insulated floor heated - up air evenly rises from a floor up, observing thereby national council "to keep legs in the warm, and the head - in cold");
  • in damp rooms it allows to dry quicker a surface of floors, preventing reproduction of bacteria and fungi;
  • the heat - insulated floor with thermal insulation of ASTRATEK is very compact and does not occupy essential volumes of the room.

And now let's understand details as it is correct to carry out ASTRATEK floor thermal insulation. With the detailed instruction how to make installation of "heat - insulated floor" the material ASTRATEK, you can examine here.

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Thermal insulation for a heat-insulated floor
Thermal insulation for a heat-insulated floor
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