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Triplating is the connection of tissues with the addition of an elastic layer of soft material. Tripled fabrics are widely used in light industry, for the manufacture of furniture materials, for sewing shoes, for lining car cabins, etc. Triplating allows you to combine material with different physical and chemical characteristics. The finished fabric is durable, has a wide range of colors, quality indicators and product appearance are improved.

The triplet material is a special fabric that is designed for upholstery in car or bus interiors. The name of this material comes from the word "triplix", that is, "three layers in one". The basis of the first layer is made up of familiar materials, often used for upholstery - this is any leather, both natural and artificial, such fabrics as flock or velor, ordinary knitwear or knitwear with a little force can also be used. Often, various polyester and carriage fabrics are used for the outer layer, for example, jacquard and tweed.

As for the middle layer of such a triplet fabric, in this case, foam rubber (polyurethane foam) can be used. The first top and bottom layer is connected with the middle, inner layer, by the glue or fire method. For the manufacture of the third last layer in such fabrics, either jersey or a special knitted mesh is used. In some cases, a material such as spunbond can be used.

Tripping process

To carry out this process, it is necessary to use special equipment - a fire triplicating machine. The very process of gluing all three layers takes place with the help of polyurethane foam, which melts under the influence of a very high temperature, within 2000 degrees Celsius. Melting, the material passes through special rollers, which contribute to reliable adhesion of this material with the lining of the first layer and the face of the last layer. The result is a high quality material consisting of three layers.

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