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Ventilating turbine TURBOVENT TA-250 (active deflector) buy in Arzamas
Buy Ventilating turbine TURBOVENT TA-250 (active deflector)
Ventilating turbine TURBOVENT TA-250 (active deflector)

Ventilating turbine TURBOVENT TA-250 (active deflector)

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandТурбовент
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • ColorЛюбой
  • Rotational speed300 rpm

Ventilating turbine TURBOVENT TA - 250 (active deflector)

Model Diameter of mm Length, mm Width, mm Height, mm Weight in packing, kg Coloring
Deflector TA - 250A - RAL (aluminum, round basis
galvan. stal) 250 mm
250 400 400 400 2,2 Powder coloring
on RAL
Deflector TA - 250B - RAL (aluminum, kvadratnoyeosnovaniye
galvan. stal) 250mm/350kh350
350х350 400 400 400 3,2 Powder coloring
on RAL
Deflector TA - 250C - RAL (aluminum, flat basis
galvan. stal) 250mm/350kh350
350х350 400 400 400 2,9 Powder coloring
on RAL

Appointment: The rotational ventilating turbine (the active ventilating deflector) is used for ventilation of inhabited and office rooms, pools, hangars, granaries, livestock complexes, structural elements of a roof (rafter legs, a heater, obreshetka or continuous flooring of a roof), removal of gas and vapors from mines of multi - storey buildings and ensuring correctly organized ventilation.

Scope of ventilating turbines:
Turbines well proved on various objects where the increased air exchange, including in mines of multi - storey buildings is required. They provide good ventilation on objects of housing and public utilities, increasing draft in houses where the problem with air exchange and the return draft was particularly acute. Installation of turbines on inhabited multi - storey buildings solves this problem.

Not less effectively turbines are used on industrial facilities of various direction:
- livestock complexes (deleting the gases and evaporations appearing in the course of activity of animals)
- processing enterprises as an alternative of compulsory ventilation, allowing to save considerably energy carriers that urgent is reflected in an economic component of the enterprises
- pools, sports complexes, movie theaters and other public places
- for active ventilation of a design of a roof (rafter system, a heater, attics, difficult ventilated sites of a roof).

Turbines exclude capsizing of an air stream for 100% , effectively take away hot air from rooms and subroofing space in hot season, creating comfortable conditions indoors, interfere with hit to the ventilating canal of an atmospheric precipitation, birds and other alien objects.

Aeration of agricultural buildings:
Turbines represent the most economic option of ventilation of granaries, vegetable storehouses, hen houses, farms, stables, mows, etc. Turbines are also often used in combination with adjustable ventilation that provides continuous ventilation of air completely without electricity and does not demand service that allows to save considerable financial resources considerably. High efficiency, small cost, reliability and ease of installation do ventilating turbines by the most suitable and favorable decision of the organization of system of ventilation practically for any object.

Turbines of the TA - 315, TA - 355 series are recommended for active ventilation of subroofing space.
The turbine TA - 500 can be used everywhere where the increased air exchange, including in mines of multi - storey buildings is required.

At installation of turbines on chimneys of gas coppers, coppers on liquid fuel it is necessary to pay attention that temperature in the mouth of a pipe should not exceed 100 degrees. For hot flues it is recommended to establish high - temperature nozzles of TURBOVENT - DRAKON. Advantages of rotational turbines:
> Turbin in the course of the work use natural power - wind power for rotation creation, thereby do not consume the electric power, are ecologically pure and economic. Lack of costs of the electric power pays back installation of turbines in the first year of operation.
> The head of the turbine rotates always in one direction (despite the direction and wind force), creating partial vacuum in the channel, as a result the current of air in the channel amplifies, interfering with formation of the return draft.
> Overall performance of the turbine in relation to the ordinary deflector is 2 - 4 times higher.
> Working, the ventilating turbine protects internal rooms from an overheat in hot weather and reduces costs of conditioning of the room.
> Prevents penetration of an atmospheric precipitation in the form of a rain and snow to the ventilating and chimney canal.
> The turbine head represents an elegant and esthetic element on chimney or the air - channel.
> Effective protection of internal space of a roof against formation of condensate. Lowers temperature of subroofing space in hot weather. Principle of work:
Turbines work without electricity consumption, using a natural power source - wind.
Rotating, the turbine causes depression of air in the ventilating channel and extends excess heat, excess moisture, gases and vapors of harmful substances, dust from internal space of the building or a roof, increasing their service life and effectively protects from formation of condensate.
Despite the direction, force and a type of wind, the turbine head always rotates in one direction and in a chimney, creating partial vacuum in the smoke channel that as a result leads to intensity of a current of air in a pipe and prevents the return draft. Material:
Turbines are made of aluminum of 0,5 - 1,0 mm with the basis from the galvanized steel of 0,7 - 0,9 mm, painted in the powder way any color on RAL. As an option of the turbine are completed with roofing passes for cattle roofs with corners from 15 to 35 degrees (on demand - on any corner), at the same time high landing of the turbine excludes hit of snow in the channel at formation of a snow drift near the turbine. Rules of use:
Turbines are mounted on the highest point of a roof - along the fad with a uniform interval 4 … 6 meters. For ventilation of subroofing space the recommended size of the turbines TA - 315. The turbine TA - 315 is calculated on 50 - 80 sq. m of a roof depending on an inclination, that is at a low inclination it is necessary to use bigger number of turbines, than at an abrupt inclination of a roof.

In case of use for ventilation of premises of the turbine are established on a departure of the air shaft (flue), at the same time it is possible to use latches in air ducts. For ventilation big production and warehouse it is recommended to use the adjustable airintake to avoid losses of heat in the winter.

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Ventilating turbine TURBOVENT TA-250 (active deflector)
Ventilating turbine TURBOVENT TA-250 (active deflector)
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