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Water reservoir of 1000 m3 vertical steel RVS buy in Belgorod
Buy Water reservoir of 1000 m3 vertical steel RVS
Water reservoir of 1000 m3 vertical steel RVS

Water reservoir of 1000 m3 vertical steel RVS

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandАква-Хим
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • ColorОцинкованый

Price is with insulation, heating and control system.

The advantages of our containers

• 30 years of normative operation sroy tank full 5 - year warranty on the tank;

• rapid assembly and movement of large containers in another place - a capacity of 100 m3 going 2 days without power;

• minimal civil works - do not always have a concrete base;

• do not need lifting equipment at the place of assembly - Capacity up to 4000 m3 can be collected at remote, inaccessible areas, indoors, in the course of the assembly is not disturbed environment of the landscape;

• efficiency - price modular containers comparable to the price of the metal welded capacity, but with the long term operation of modular containers are the most cost effective storage method.

• highest quality membranes to store the drinking water, food and prevent contamination;

• the container is resistant to extreme weather conditions, including earthquakes and hurricanes (winds resistance to 45 m / s);

• the sun's rays do not penetrate into the container, thus preventing algal blooms, the formation of pathogenic bacteria;

Scope of our tanks

• storage of potable and industrial water industrial plants, office buildings, hotels, boarding houses, small towns, and so on. ;

• used as a fire tanks, as well as the storage of drinking water of schools, hospitals, military garrisons, hotels, boarding houses, offices, industrial plants;

• Water storage and liquid fertilizers in agriculture;

• supply of water for irrigation of large areas (parks, soccer fields, etc. . . );

• supply of water to irrigate fruit trees, flowers, with the cultivation of vegetables, including in greenhouses;

• tanks for fish;

• technological capacity in the water treatment and wastewater treatment;

• temporary storage of water for remote workers' settlements, visiting the working teams (with the subsequent dismantling and transfer to a different location);

• overflow tank for swimming pools - in limited (basement) premises of a large amount of capacity can be collected.

What is the capacity:

Metal carcass

 Metal frame container consists of galvanized sheet thickness of 4 mm. Laminated specially galvanized sheets have high strength properties. Galvanizing increases the service life of metal wear resistance, gives anti - corrosion properties. Therefore, these containers are more reliable and durable than steel, and are provided with full 5 - year warranty.

plastic liner

 The inner liner thickness of 0.5 - 2 mm. It may be made of polypropylene (ENPEX FPP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyethylene. Physical - mechanical properties of polypropylene ENPEX FPP are given in annexes. The warranty on the physical - mechanical properties of the plastic liner - 10 years. Production - Germany

container roof

 Depending on the location and operating conditions, the following options are container roof:

  • Metal roof of galvanized steel. Withstand snow loads and containers used for outdoor placement.
  • Plastic roof that protects against algal blooms. It is used for containers indoor and seasonal outdoor tanks. Plastic roof passes into the water, but does not transmit the sun's rays, dirt and dust.
  • Tension plastic roof. It has the same characteristics as the roof against water bloom, but does not pass into the water.
  • Floating roof. It is used for seasonal outdoor containers (mostly for agriculture). The roof floats on the water surface, prevents the evaporation of water and dirt, do not miss the sun's rays and thus prevents blooms.


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Water reservoir of 1000 m3 vertical steel RVS
Water reservoir of 1000 m3 vertical steel RVS
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