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Waterproofing the getting "Kristallizol W12 buy in Tver
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Waterproofing the getting "Kristallizol W12

Waterproofing the getting "Kristallizol W12

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Waterproofing of the getting action, dry rastvorny mix cement, TU 5745-001-99001832-07.


For an internal and external waterproofing of concrete, stone and brick designs on the underground and buried constructions working in the conditions of continuous or temporary influence of the water environment:
— the bases and cellars located lower than the level of ground waters
— water tanks,
— hydraulic engineering constructions,
— overpasses, pools and so forth.

Kristallizol can be used by W12 as an additive in concrete that allows to receive concrete with high brand on water tightness. Kristallizol W12 makes amount of the mix added to concrete 5 from the mass of the used cement.


— It is impenetrable with a hydrostatic pressure of W12.
— It is applied both on old, and on new concrete.
— It is steady against influence of hostile environment.
— It is ecologically safe, is not toxic.
— Getting into a concrete time, closes them, forming insoluble crystals.
— It is put as with external, and design inside.

Simplicity in work

— It is shut by tap water.
— It is applied on a damp surface.
— Use of material does not demand special knowledge.

Physical characteristics

Water tightness of 1,2 MPas (12 atm)
Service conditions of-50ºæ/+90 °C
Strength on a separation, at the age of 28 days of 4,6 MPas
Strength at compression, at the age of 28 days not less than 31,1 MPas
Frost resistance not less than 300 cycles
Ambient temperature when drawing, not less +5O°C


The consumption of material makes 2,5-3 kg on 1 sq.m (depending on a condition of a surface).


Bag weighing 25 kg
Bucket weighing 15 kg

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Waterproofing the getting "Kristallizol W12
Waterproofing the getting "Kristallizol W12
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