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Winter costume-HUNTER, TC. Membrane buy in Ivanovo
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Winter costume-HUNTER, TC. Membrane

Winter costume-HUNTER, TC. Membrane

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The HUNTER suit is winter
The winter warmed HUNTER suit consists of semi-overalls and jacket. The jacket shortened on the stitched belt which is pulled together with elastic band, stand-up collar with internal fleece finishing with the central fastener on the band lightning covered with the wind-shelter valve on flypapers. The coming unfastened hood on lightning. Has two breast volume pockets with valves. Two lower pockets are protected by valves on flypapers. The sleeve set-in, on bottom will be pulled together with elastic band and it is regulated by fastener flypaper. Semi-overalls with fastener on band lightning, breast pocket on lightning, and the lower side pockets with detachable flank. Shoulder straps with carbines for adjustment on growth. It is made from crease-resistant fabrics.

Fabric Duplex (Duplex) This dense high-quality compound of Duspa fabric with synthetic jersey. At the same time on front surface - woven basis from nylon, and with back - plastic jersey. Duplex (Duplex) possesses low imbibition capacity, does not pass air and water.

Alov's (Alova) tissue Is modern fabric with membrane covering, interferes with wind penetration, liquid from surface pushes away, misses evaporations of body, slows down losses of heat, partially creates barrier to external high-temperature influence, serves as protection against penetration of aggressive chemicals. The membrane does clothes by technological product. The membrane represents the thinnest film which consists of small time. They are rather great to let out moisture and evaporations outside, but are rather small to pass water outside. The membrane cannot be seen as it is pasted by laser gluing together to internal surface of fabric, and from above it is closed by lining. The membrane with the special structure does clothes at the same time waterproof and "breathing".

Leaving and washing of membrane fabrics:
Membranes and coverings are long-lasting, and will not be damaged by the washing machine. It is very important to wash clothes regularly as the protective layer in this case works better, than at pollution.

* For washing the following is recommended:

* Washing of clothes at 40 º C (unless otherwise specified) with soft detergent agent, without application of chemistry.

* To rinse two times if it is possible

* Not to bleach. Always to close all lightnings and flypapers before washing.

* Be convinced that you pull out clothes right after washing, without leaving in the washing machine.

* It would be good to impregnate repeatedly clothes after 5 washings. It is recommended to use the impregnations sold in shops of sports goods.

Fabric Microfiber Represents the woven cloth from synthetics covered from seamy side with water-repellent vapor-permeable membrane film. Thanks to it evaporations through membrane are removed from skin surface outside, and on the other hand the fabric membrane Microfiber does not allow to get inside to water and cold.


good vetrozashchita; frost resistance; low weight; high water-repellent properties of surface; good teloizolyatsionny properties; high level of comfort at sock; high wear resistance; soft surface (fabric does not rustle).

Main sizes of standard figures of men
Size 88/92 96/100 104/108 112/116 120/124
Breast girth, see. 87-94 95-102 103-111 111-118 119-126
Waist girth, see. 76-83 84-91 92-99 100-107 108-113
Grasp of hips, see. 93-99 100-105 106-111 118-117 121-128
Growth, see. 170/176 182/188 170/176 182/188 170/176 182/188 170/176 182/188 170/176 182/188
Distance from waistline to floor, see. 106-110 115-120 106-110 115-120 106-110 115-120 106-110 115-120 106-110 115-120
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Winter costume-HUNTER, TC. Membrane
Winter costume-HUNTER, TC. Membrane
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