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Tungsten — brilliant light gray metal which has the most high proved temperatures of melting and boiling.
Physical properties of tungsten:
Melting temperature — 3695 K (3422 °C);
boils at 5828 K (5555 °C);
density of pure tungsten makes 19,25 g/cm ³;
possesses paramagnetic properties (a magnetic susceptibility 0,32•10−9);
hardness according to Brinell of 488 kg/mm ²;
specific electric resistance at 20 °C — 55•10−9 Ohms • m, at 2700 °C — 904•10−9 Ohms • m;
sound speed in the annealed tungsten of 4290 m/s.

Tungsten is one of the heaviest, firm and the most refractory metal. In pure form represents the metal of silver-white color similar to platinum, at a temperature about 1600 °C well gives in to forging and it can be extended in a thin thread.

Wire of tungsten 1 mm of VA available in a warehouse, we carry out delivery across Russia and the CIS countries.

Metal tungsten is applied:
Refractoriness and plasticity of tungsten do it irreplaceable for incandescence threads in illuminants, and also in kinescopes and other vacuum tubes.
Thanks to high density tungsten is a basis of heavy alloys which are used for counterbalances, armor-piercing cores of subcaliber and arrow-shaped operenny shells of artillery pieces, cores of armor-piercing bullets and superfast rotors of gyroscopes for stabilization of flight of ballistic missiles (to 180 thousand rpm).
Tungsten is applied as electrodes to argono-arc welding.
Tungsten alloys, in view of its high temperature of melting, receive by method of powder metallurgy. The alloys containing tungsten differ in thermal stability, acid resistance, hardness and resistance to attrition. From them produce surgical tools (an alloy of "amaly"), tank armor, covers of torpedoes and shells, the most important details of planes and engines, containers for storage of radioactive materials. Tungsten — an important component of the best brands tool staly.
Tungsten is used in high-temperature vacuum furnaces of resistance as heating elements. An alloy of tungsten and rhenium is applied in such furnaces as the thermocouple.

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The delivered metal rolling constantly is available, and is stored "about 2000 tons" in a warehouse.

Own production of a professional flooring.

We offer a payment delay "about one month".

We do everything possible for minimization of terms of processing and delivery.

We carry out cutting of metal in the size and according to your drawings.

We provide service of responsible storage in the covered warehouse.

We offer the loyalty program allowing to receive discounts for purchase, processing or delivery of metal rolling.




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Wire tungsten BA 1
Wire tungsten BA 1
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