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Wood vinegar is produced from wood raw materials by fast pyrolysis method in a special equipment of the FPP 02 - 01 brand.

At the fast pyrolysis unit, wood waste is processed.  The product is pure charcoal and biooil.

Stock Foto Equipment for the disposal of wood waste and the production of wood vinegar

Wood vinegar is produced from the liquid pyrolysis product (bio - oil) by distillation in a special chemical reactor. Wood vinegar contains water, a small specified amount of organic acids (acetic, propionic, butanoic, crotonic), guaiacol (2 - methoxyphenol), furfural.  Translucent brown liquid with the smell of wood smoke.

Wood vinegar is actively used in agricultural technology in various countries to activate the growth and protection of plants in organic farming.

Wood vinegar has a lot of useful properties:

- is an excellent organic fertilizer;

- improves soil quality, increases soil fertility;

- increases the biological activity of various beneficial microbes and reduces composting time;

- Helps control plant growth, helps accelerate plant development;

- increases the resistance of plants to drought;

- promotes faster seed germination during sowing;

- natural antiseptic for plants;

Additionally, wood vinegar suppresses pathogenic bacteria and other plant pathogens.

It helps to fight against aphids and other harmful insects, while being a safe substance for humans and animals.

 Wood vinegar can be used in livestock and poultry farming.

Food supplement in feed.

By adjusting the level of bacteria in the digestive tract of animals, which improves the absorption of nutrients from feed.

In poultry farming, wood vinegar is indispensable for growing chicken, turkey, ostriches, and quail. It has two positive effects:

1. By adjusting the level of bacteria in the digestive tract, improves the absorption of nutrients and mineral elements from feed.

2. Actively suppresses Salmonella bacteria and other pathogens.

Preservative for flattened grain.

Wood vinegar contains propionic organic acid, which has a number of properties similar to benzoic acid. Wood vinegar solutions can be used both for preserving grain and for preparing silage from freshly mowed and dried grass mass.

Repellent for livestock farms and poultry houses.

Being safe for humans and animals it repels harmful insects, flies, mosquitoes and other blood - sucking insects well.

Deodorant for the disposal of manure in livestock complexes and litter in poultry farms.

Suppresses pathogenic bacteria, accelerates the process of overripe manure, dramatically reduces the smell of dumps with manure. When spraying wood vinegar in places of storage of liquid manure (reduces odor, inhibits the reproduction of harmful insects).

We will provide product samples for testing at your company. We ship in different packaging (bottles with a capacity of 0.2 l, 0.5 l 1 l) Canisters 3 l, 5 l, 10 l, 20 l. Barrels 50l, 100l, 200l, Eurocubes 1000l.

Wood vinegar when diluted with water is diluted in the required proportions.

When used, wood vinegar does not harm the environment.

Wood vinegar has an unlimited shelf life, is non - combustible and safe for humans.

Send requests for whatsapp, viber, telegram 79050241854; skype: rabika16;

we chat ID: fastpirolysis

We will send to any region and to any country. We will advise you on how to make a good profit in your business. We offer dealer cooperation in the sale of wood vinegar. We offer equipment for the production of wood vinegar from wood waste.

We look forward to collaborating.


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Wood vinegar
Wood vinegar
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