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Yellow sweetclover

Yellow sweetclover

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Russia, Komsomolskoye
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Technical characteristics
  • PlantMelilotus
Description:Yellow medicinal tributary plant biannual. The stalk is upright, up to 2 m high. Leaves are ternate, leaflets lantsetny, on edge gear. Flowers yellow, are collected in clustery inflorescences 4-10 cm long till 30-70 of flowers in an inflorescence. The root — rod to 2 m goes to the soil (in favorable conditions even to 3 m!). A fruit — ovoid doggy 3-3.5 mm long. Seeds are small, flavovirent or yellow, keep viability to 10 fly more.

Medoproduktivnost:300 kg/hectare (cultural) for the central regions.

Terms tsveteniya:nachat blossomings in the middle of June and 40-45 days blossom.

Biological osobennosti:v
the first year of life on a root neck puts on two - three kidneys at a depth of 0.5-10 cm from a surface. For the second year grows from renewal kidneys, after maturing of seeds its cycle of development comes to the end. In the first year it is easily muffled by weeds. Donnik a photophilous plant, badly transfers shading to the first year of life. Sprouts at a temperature of +2.+3. Morozo-it is also winter-hardy, transfers in the spring of a freezing to-5. In the first year of life it is sensitive to a drought, on the second — it is drought-resistant at the expense of powerful root system. Donnik to the soil is not exacting, can grow on chernozems, the loamy, podsolic, carbonate, salted, sandy soils. Is negative to the sour soil.
Agrotekhnika:optimalny seal of seeds of the tributary of 0.5-2.5 cm (on heavy soils not deeply put, on lungs — is deeper), it is very important to avoid a soil siccation. Seeds of the tributary are covered with a firm cover therefore they need a skarifikation (to put scratches that seeds began to bulk up). Viability of seeds will reach up to 90% after processing. In 10-15 days before crops seeds are brought to the warm room, dried and warmed. Donnik it is possible to enter into any crop rotation. It is interplanted to winter rye, a spring-sown field, it is not desirable to oats and barley which oppress him. The good result is yielded by crops of the tributary in a row-spacing 30 cm wide to oats. Yields good result having sat down to millet. The tributary gives more amicable shoots at late autumn crops. But it is impossible that the tributary sprouted before winter. It is necessary to sow in the spring early since seeds are exacting to moisture. Norms of seeding of 14-20 kg on hectare at the private and 6-8 kg/hectare at wide-row crops. When bevelling the tributary in the first year of life leave 20-22 cm an eddish, it is optimum for the subsequent development of a plant.

Norms vyseva:12-16 kg/hectare, 0.12-0.16 kg / 100 m ², 1.2-1.6 g/m2

The Primechaniye:zhelty
tributary — excellent siderat, a melliferous herb, a valuable herb, a biomass source.
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Yellow sweetclover
Yellow sweetclover
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