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Zeolites are synthetic or natural minerals (aluminosilicates) of the general formula:
Sq.m/N* Al2O3n * xSiO2 * yH2O, where
M - alkaline or alkaline and land metal;
n - its oxidation level.

Zeolites as minerals were discovered over 200 years ago. It was revealed that the mineral stilbit when heating distends. This mineral was called zeolite (in Greek "the boiling stone"). Now more than thirty natural zeolites are known.

Rather rare distribution of natural zeolites and separation of fields complicated their application commercially until recently. At the same time unique ability of zeolites to absorb molecules of one substances and not to occlude others depending on their geometrical sizes (critical diameter and length of molecules) set the task of creation of synthetic analogs of natural zeolites for researchers. Selectivity of adsorption by zeolites is caused by existence of a thin time of strictly certain size therefore they are often called molecular sets.

The crystal lattice of zeolites consists of the silicon-alyumo-oxygen cubooctahedrons connected in simple cubic coordination (zeolites type A) or in more friable tetrahedral coordination, like a fozhazit (zeolites type X). The greatest practical value synthetic zeolites like NaA received, CaA, NAH, SAKHA. Diameter of a time in molecular sets is defined by the extent of atom of a cation. Structure - microporous and the size of a time is close to the sizes of small molecules. Therefore zeolites are suitable for division of gases and lightest hydrocarbons. Maximum working temperature: 500-6000C. Activation of zeolites (removal of hydration water) is carried out heating within 4-5 hours at a temperature of 350-4500C.

The bulk density of the granulated zeolites of 0,62-0,78 g/cm3, strength at compression of 8-150 MPas, the specific heat of 0,83-1,0 kJ / (kg*k), heat conductivity 0,5 kJ / (m*ch*k), a dynamic moisture capacity of 90-160 mg/cm3.

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