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Zeolite (Sorbent catalyst)

Zeolite (Sorbent catalyst)

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  • BrandZEOLITE
  • ManufacturerООО "С-Минерал"
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Zeolite is a group of natural minerals with ability to give and absorb water, and also to give and absorb substances, to exchange cations.
Zeolite possesses the strong occluding properties. He carries out function of the mechanical filter and as an ion exchanger it has rather big capacity and a broad spectrum of activity concerning heavy metals and radioactive elements, occludes bacteria and viruses, reducing the total microbic number, and in some cases (to 96% ) completely takes bacterial cages from water.

Zeolite purifies water of such harmful elements as:

• Heavy metals
• Chemicals
• Pesticides
• Radioactive elements
• Phenol
• Organic pollutants
• Ammonium
• Nitrates
• Bacteria
• Oil products
• Ammonia
• Viruses
• Pathogenic microorganisms

Besides, zeolite lowers concentration chloride ions, fluoride ions, deletes rigidity salts, raises water RN.

Zeolite enriches (ionizes) water such elements as calcium, potassium and magnesium. These minerals are salutary for cardiovascular system, especially for a cerebral cortex, for strengthening of walls of vessels.

It is established that at contact with water zeolitic breed alkalizes it. Considerably hardness of water therefore drinking water becomes soft and pleasant for drink go down. At the same time (very important) there is no scum of the rigid rest on electric kettle elements.
Laboratory and trial researches in system of the Moscow municipal services and in other organizations for purification of waters of drinking and industrial water supply showed high efficiency of use of natural zeolites for purification of waters of cations of metals (including radioactive Cs, Sr, Rb) and other harmful components. Extent of purification of waters of ions of ammonium reaches 100% , and this way is the most effective and economic; waters of oil processing are purified for 64 - 66% . Three years' tests at Rublevsky water treatment station of Moscow showed the big capacity and contaminant capacity of zeolitic filters in comparison with sandy (for 15 – 20% ). Decrease in hardness of water on iron from 13, 6 to 0, 5 mg/l is noted. The zeolitic tufa in the course of long operation does not change the physical and chemical properties, keeping the high clarifying ability and ion - exchange selectivity to a number of the normalized elements. Advantage of zeolites before other ion - exchange substances is that they are not pitched and do not lose is irreversible the absorbing capacity and selective ability of absorption.

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Zeolite (Sorbent catalyst)
Zeolite (Sorbent catalyst)
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