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YUTEC-SOLARIUM compact home use sun lamp

YUTEC-SOLARIUM compact home use sun lamp

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YUTEC-SOLARIUM, compact home use sun lamp - your personal sun! Even, radiant and moderately tanned skin is a sign of health and beauty. Besides, basking in the sun - - in a right way - gives body a lot of vitamins and other useful substances. Many researchers insist that tanning beds are a great "medicine" for seasonal affective disorder and spleen. And that makes perfect sense: power of light and UV rays increases production of endorphines, hormones of happiness. Regular visits to sun-parlours guarantee cheerful mind that lasts. But the accompanying actions of such visits are definitely not to the liking of everyone: you have to make an appointment, go to the parlour, lie in the sun bed and then, ruining the relaxed state acquired, get dressed and go home. Would it not be much more convenient to have that "sun" at home? YUTEC has the answer to that question, and the answer is "yes"! Benefits of home use sun lamps Tabletop sun lamps YUTEC-SOLARIUM from YUTEC are a perfect solution for the beautiful ladies who like to keep their facial and decollete skin evenly tanned. This is a personal use device that is growing more and more popular nowadays. Some use it to fight seasonal affective disorder, others like treat acne with sun lamps and take good care of themselves, yet others simply enjoy the opportunity to sit or lie still for 15-20 minutes. Anyone who buys a home use sun lamp finds something special for herself among the multitude of benefits it offers. And YUTEC-SOLARIUM personal sun lamp does have the benefits to offer: UV rays improve general condition of skin, tone it bronze and visually remove wrinkles and marks, which, naturally, makes skin look smoother and healthier; sunbathing is no longer limited to a place and time, you can bask in the sun 365 days a year right at home; sun lamps allow treatment of facial and decollete skin only, which is logical in fall and winter since clothes hide the rest of the body; After the session, give yourself 10-15 more minutes of rest and apply moisturizing cream. To make sessions even more comfortable all YUTEC-SOLARIUM sun lamps have vents on board! a single session initiates generation of sufficient volumes of vitamin D; portability and tabletop design of sun lamp makes setting it up a matter of seconds. How do sun lamps work? When in a sun bed, your body receives long light waves that initiate production of melanin, the pigment that tones your skin bronze. Tanning intensity depends on length of sessions, number and power of tubes and efficiency coefficient (SEF). Sun lamps produce quite the same effect on the skin as does the sun. The difference is that you get no C-radiation in a sun bed and A and B-radiation dozes are measured, which is absolutely impossible with the sun. This means that when you bathe in the sun proper, you receive all types of rays, including harmful ones like UVC, which causes skin cancer. When you use a sun lamp, the radiation is more intensive but those harmful rays are simply not there. How to use a sun lamp YUTEC-SOLARIUM is a tabletop sun lamp, you can put on any horizontal surface. To get better results, you want to be seated during the session since this position eliminates unnecessary movements. Average session time is 20 minutes. You can use special face cream and hygienic lipstick with UV protection. Biodosimeter YUTEC-Bio UV To correctly determine radiation doze and time you can spend with a sun lamp you can use biodosimeter YUTEC-Bio UV made by YUTEC. This is a device that helps you find the biologically optimal doze of UV radiation produced by YUTEC-Solarium. Biodosimeter is a plate with 6 holes and shutters. It is attached to skin with shutters shut, after irradiation begins those shutters are opened one by one with a 1 minute interval. As a result, each skin segment's exposure time ranges from 1 to 6 minutes. 24 hours later those segments are examined, the one with light but distinctive redness taken as that which dictates person's biodose. Biodose is the minimal time needed for the skin to show threshold erythema reaction when exposed to UV rays.Radiation time ranges from 30 seconds to 1 minute, distance from source to skin -- 10 to 15 cm. Radiation parameters depend mostly on user's skin type. Below, you can find the table that correlates skin types to UV rays exposure reaction. Contra indications Please remember that there are many medical conditions that forbid UV radiation. With that in mind, please seek counsel of your doctor prior to sun lamp sessions Tan the color of chocolate or aristocratic skin pallor - the choice is up to you! Sun beds let you be as tanned as you wish any season of the year. And tabletop sun lamps YUTECSOLARIUM allow reaching the effects desired while staying at home! There is likely no woman that would not wish to have a smaller version of a beauty salon on her dressing table. YUTEC helps to make this
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YUTEC-SOLARIUM compact home use sun lamp
YUTEC-SOLARIUM compact home use sun lamp
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